I wanted to share some images of the amazing staff and officials at the British Athletics Championships at the weekend: so dedicated and working so hard in the heat. I love their concentration and I was fascinated to see the work they do that you never get to see when you’re watching on the TV. I loved all the little tools and seeing all these people rush around to make things run smoothly. There are also officials visible judging in quite a few of the pictures I posted of the athletes yesterday.

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I hope you enjoyed seeing these posts. I’m definitely going to look at taking a Track and Field Officials qualification to add to my Endurance one, although I will also continue to work towards Endurance Level 2.

If you’ve spotted yourself in one of these photos, do feel free to ask me to send you a version or copy from here. Apart from this personal use, standard copyright remains but do ask if you’d like to use one of the images.