A good running week this week with four runs, three of them under bright blue skies! I have to runfess that I still haven’t got back to my circuits (and it’s going to hurt when I do, isn’t it!) but I did go to yoga and I did also get some hamstring stretching in on other days (I need to remember it’s not a great idea to do that while drying my hair, getting it all hanging forward!)

Tuesday – I did the running club run tonight, 4 miles of route (the one called Feck Hill) and 1.4 miles there and back. I seemed to do the back quite quickly – I ran some of the start of the route with Ruth, then got separated and completely on my own (which wasn’t great: it was dark and I was running up a road there’d been a burglary on recently; I had my head torch on and one of my clippy lights on the front of my hi-vis vest but still felt anxious. Ran part of the way home with Ruth and managed to watch the whole of Great British Bake-Off before bed!

5.4 miles, 12:11 mins per mile

Thursday – Although Sonya and Sara have done their half marathon, so didn’t want a super-long run, they agreed to come out with me for something in the morning. We started at 9, handy for school drop-off for the others, and took in a nice route which Sonya had made up, stopping off mid-route for what I call a Pee Group Pressure toilet break (I didn’t need to go but took the opportunity to go anyway). Here we are, in the Mac loos!

Glam surroundings as ever! Thanks to Sonya (middle) for the photo

With a slight dash to get there and a sprint to get home and back to work, this was a lovely workout in the sun – my blue Primark top has mesh sides (and a top underneath) so I didn’t get warm enough to take it off.

6.5 miles, 12:05 mins per mile.

Friday – Claire yoga! Quite a gentle class but with a lovely squat (I do like squats, must be the strong legs from running or something) and a lovely guided meditation at the end. Oh, I also cleaned the whole house beforehand, which has to count as some sort of cardio and strength work!

Saturday – My old friend Jase, who I know via our mutual hobby of BookCrossing, had decided to do some parkrun touristing and came up to Birmingham from Wales for the day. He only started running in January, as part of his weight loss journey, and he’s been getting faster and faster so I had encouraged him to come up before he got faster than me!

Jase and Liz at the bandstand

Goodness it was cold! When I was getting ready to go out at 7.30 our Amazon Echo announced it was 1 (33 degrees) feeling like -4 (24.8) and I put on my cowl neck top under my club tshirt and packed my last year’s London marathon failed-to-get-in jacket in my bum bag. I ran swiftly down to meet Jase at the furthest (but free) car park, thinking I was late – a 10:40 mile ensued, oops! We spent some time chatting to my club and parkrun friends then were off.

It was sunny if freezing and the trees looked lovely. We ran with Tracie and Caroline from the Sedate Ladies most of the way, and Amelia and Baby Thomas joined us, too. Neither of us held the other back and we powered up the hill to get official times for me and Jase of 35:16 and 35:18 respectively. I was pleased to get a few PRs for bits of this route, though I’ve only run this route six times since I’ve had a Garmin! We then did a walk for run and talk as it was so cold and had a lovely coffee with Bournville Harrier folk from run and talk.

1.45 miles, 10:48 mins per mile

3.1 miles, 11:22 mins per mile

Sunday – I wasn’t up to my magic 20 miles for the week so Mary Ellen and I headed out on a lovely green route she’d worked out (nice and safe on a Sunday morning with lots of runners and cyclists, some of whom we knew).

Hazelwell Park

Hazelwell Park

Hazelwell Park was looking suitably autumnal with long shadows on the grass and lovely colours. Would you believe this was England’s second city, all urban and mucky? I was pleased with my pace, especially as I was a bit tired and had had my main meal on Saturday at lunchtime.

6.6 miles, 11:50 mins per mile

Miles this week: 23.1

Progress towards 1,000 miles in the year:ย  863 (30 miles ahead of my end-of-October mini-goal)

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