Well, pleasingly, even though I’ve had a fair few book confessions in October, I did manage to read eleven books, most of them from the physical TBR as I took BookCrossing registered books on holiday at the start of the month. So the TBR is looking a little smaller than at the start of October.

You can see it’s shuffled around a bit, as I took books out of order and then read and released them in Cornwall. The front shelf finishes at the pink of Simon Armitage’s “Gig”.

I’m currently reading Hal Higdon’s “Run Fast” which is actually not as annoying to this slow runner as I’d feared, and is quite a sensible read about interval training, etc. I’m hoping to take it to do a running book swap at our running club’s Awards Night next month along with some more running stuff, if I get through it.

Next up will be project and review books, so the treat of Iris Murdoch’s “A Fairly Honourable Defeat” (a favourite of mine on all other readings) and then Joni Seager’s “The Women’s Atlas” for Shiny New Books and Mark Atkinson’s “Run Like Duck” kindly sent my way from the publisher by the lovely Lisa Jackson (thanks, Lisa!). I’ve also recently won on NetGalley “Jog On” by Bella Mackie (mental health and running) and “Let Her Fly” by Ziauddin Yousafzai (Malala’s father!) and Louise Carpenter, so hoping to get all these read and reviewed this month.

And then on the TBR, it’s Christmaaaas! OK, it’s Christmas last year but there we go: I’m not quite a month behind. I do like to get Christmas and birthday books read before the next Christmas, to make room for the inevitable (and wonderful) book flood. It’s a mixture of novels and books about books, really – Mary Webb’s “Gone to Earth” (which has crept out of the picture on the left), Karen Joy Fowler’s “We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves” (I’ll admit I’m not sure about this, as I already know the Massive Twist) and Fracis Spufford’s “Golden Hill” (historical, but a gift, so I’ll give it a go” and Stella Gibbon’s “Westwood” on the novel side and Marcus Crouch’s “The Nesbit Tradition”, “The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap” by Wendy Welch, Samantha Ellis’ “How to be a Heroine” and Christopher Fowler’s “The Book of Forgotten Authors” on the books about books side.

Have you read any of these? Which do you think I’ll enjoy? What’s on your reading calendar for November? I know a few people are doing Non-Fiction November, but I read quite a lot of non-fiction anyway and frankly I don’t really have time for special blog posts at the moment! But have fun, all who are sailing in that ship!