A funny week this week because I was going to be Very Busy at the weekend so I knew I needed to get all my running in beforehand. Not too bad considering.

Monday – Because I’d last run on Saturday, I was able to have a lovely canal run with Claire. We did the usual bits plus a bit extra, and I remembered to take a photo of the famous Guillotine Lock at Kings Norton!

(more info about it here if you’re interested). We had a good chat and the miles flew by – as Claire is doing the London Marathon there will be plenty more long runs to be done.

8 miles, 12:13 mins per mile.

Tuesday – An unaccustomed two runs in a row! I met up with Jenny and we did a nice one of our usual loops, then I managed to push it on to 5.9 miles in total; really pleased with this as running tired. Notable on this run was that it was REALLY COLD and raining so I used Chocolaterunsjudy‘s top tip of securing a peaked cap with a buff – fabulous, warm and protected eyes! Brilliant stuff!

5.9 miles, 12:55 mins per mile

Wednesday – No yoga! Something had upset my stomach after (phew) my run on Tuesday and I didn’t feel secure to go to yoga. However, much excitement as my new, portrait, clipboard-with-a-cover and my field official’s warning horn arrived. I had to pose, right?

Thursday – An interesting and varied session. I knew I needed to get 6.1 miles in to reach my lower target of 20 miles for the week. I was down to support club’s 5k and Beyond session (the week before last I was covering for a friend) so I got out a bit early to get some miles in first. And ran into my husband outside Sainsburys supermarket, where he took this deeply flattering photo of his lit-up, reflective wife …

and this delightful atmospheric photo of my running off past all the trolleys. The glamour!

You can see my red “tail” light showing up nicely, though! That’s my gym behind the traffic lights, and look, we have Christmas lights!

So that was 3 miles then I got up to club and took the back marker as always, guiding three lovely new or returning runners through their first continuous 30 minutes (for a while for some). I got them to round up to 2 miles, mainly for the sake of easing my mental arithmetic …

Then I left them during the cool down (with permission from Coach Lee) and ran 1.6 miles home for a total of 6.6.

3 miles, 11:42 mins per mile / 2 miles, 15:21 mins per mile / 1.6 miles, 11:49 mins per mile

Friday – Easy Clare yoga with Jenny – we had a lovely meditation at the end and it was very calming.

Saturday / Sunday – I was over at Alexander Stadium for my track and field officials courses. Saturday, I had health and safety and then a generic officials’ module, followed by field in the afternoon. I found this very OK as I’d done my experiences at the Transplant games and Midlands league match, but it was good to find out the theory and rules behind the practice and recognise stuff I’d done.

Sunday it was track and starter’s assistant – I have had no experience of this as a competitor or helper/official so this was quite daunting but everything was well-explained and we spent time out on the track looking at the markings, etc. and doing a lot of learning. Many thanks to our dedicated tutors for both days.

Now I need to get four experiences in each discipline (I already have two in field) before I can apply for my Level 1 Licences. I must note a thank you to my friend Alison who is a senior official and has been extremely supportive of my journey, and reassures me I know what I’m doing!

Miles this week: 20.6

Progress towards 1,000 miles in the year:  951 (916 was my end of November mini-goal)

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