I had a good week this week with a mixture of running and volunteering / officiating, day time and dark runs.

Monday – As I hadn’t run at the weekend due to having my Track and Field officials course, I could run on Monday, however I was still pretty tired from the course and a lot of hard work. I met up with Jenny and we ran down to Cannon Hill Park, where we met this amazing dog.

An amazing dog we met in Cannon Hill Park

Back up to where I meet Jenny and a brisk trot home again as I’d left it a bit late for lunch!

6.5 miles, 12:27 mins per mile

Wednesday – Hard version of Dave’s yoga class with Jenny. Oof. I managed to do ALL the vinyasas between positions but my, my pecs and back knew about it the next day.

Thursday – Our lovely friend Bernice, who moved away to Worcestershire (and who I’m running my ultra with next year) was in Birmingham for a course so we got a bevy of Sedate Ladies together for an early evening run. Bernice, Trudie and Mary Ellen came to my house and we ran up to where I usually meet Jenny.

Trudie, Bernice, Mary Ellen, Jenny, Liz (thank you Trudie for the photo)

We did a loop the opposite way from where I usually go with Jenny and Trudie said goodbye and went to visit her mom. We dropped Jenny back off at the end of the road she lives down and carried on, getting 7.5 miles in for me, Mary Ellen and Bernice. Full view of my lit-up, flouro and reflective self from the back (thanks, Bernice!).

All lit up like a Christmas tree!

And here’s me and Bernice at the end – I’m rocking another buff with my cap, what a brill idea.

Liz and Bernice, run done

7.5 miles, 12:38 mins per mile

Friday – Managed to fit in Claire’s easier class after cleaning the house and amidst much work.

Saturday – I was supposed to run in the morning but I woke up So.Tired and I didn’t want to: when I don’t want to run there’s usually a good reason, so I decided I could live with “only” getting to 21 miles again this week and rested up. Put on my other running hat and was one of our club’s official officials at the cross-country league (men’s) in Clopton, near Stratford. We have to submit x number of officials to help with tasks as part of being in the league.

Official in rustly waterproof trousers

I was working with a chap from Tamworth who was injured – we were judge recorders, writing down the numbers of the male runners as they came over the finish line and through the funnel. All fine as the rugged terrain and three-lap course kept them reasonably spaced out, and I managed to capture this nice rural view.

I walked 2.6 miles as part of this, as we had to part in Stratford town centre and walk up, plus all the wandering around.

Sunday – A busy day. My husband went off on his bird watching trip (all the way to Essex) so I got up with him at 5 and was ready to run at 7.30 am. I did 2 miles quite briskly as got worried I was going to miss Ruth, and met her at 8 at my house (I took the opportunity to post my gloves (too warm!) and tabard/lights (the sun had risen) then we set off on 4.6 miles of jeffing (walk run strategy). She was doing a virtual half-marathon (very posh, with a number sent out in the post) you could do any time in December, I think, called Santa’s Little Helper – so I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of her outside the first heavily Christmas decorated house we’ve seen.

Ruth and the first lit-up house we’ve seen

We got back to mine for 9 reading to hand the Ruth Baton on to Trudie for the end of her run.

Trudie, Ruth and Liz

I carried on for the 0.4 miles to round up my run to 7, having a bit of a sprint for the last bit (mainly because I had a very tight turnaround coming up!).

I got showered and changed and into my Christmas running leggings (bought at great expense last year and dragged out for runs, Christmas meals, and volunteering to get the value – I did add a dress so I wasn’t displaying my bum to the world) and walked the mile or so down to the Rugby Club for the Jingle Bell Jog in aid of St Mary’s Hospice. Our running club traditionally supplies the marshals for the course every year. Thank goodness I ran into Sushma walking down – I was feeling decidedly hungry after forgetting to grab a banana on my way to the venue, but she, being a super-mom, had some Belvita biscuits in her bag, hooray! Paul (congratulations on getting your Level 1 Endurance Licence!) got some pics of me without the Grinch and then …

Christmas leggings get an outing

(muted hooray – he was VERY lively) with the Grinch. All well: Christmas fun and all that …

Fake smiles for the Grinch

Then we supported however many Santas it was to get round the 2.5k or 5 k course – I was near the end this time. It was good fun cheering people on and I saw a few familiar faces.

7 miles at 12:08 mins per mile.

I was a bit upset to just get to 21 again this week as it feels I can’t get past that. But I’ve been so busy and I did get in my yoga and those miles, and 30 squats 5/7 days and stretching 5/7 days so I’ll call that a win.

Miles this week: 21

Progress towards 1,000 miles in the year: 972

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