A decent week although I’m pretty tired after doing a lot of work! I got my yoga, *some* strength and conditioning, all my miles and an officiating job done, plus helped some runners to learn how to jeff! Not many pics as my phone has gone wonky.

Edited to add: jeffing, mentioned a bit below, or Jeff Galloway Method, is a run-walk strategy which is suitable for all from learners to experienced, fast athletes, as an alternative to continuous running. You use various ratios from 30 seconds running / 3 seconds walking onwards.

Tuesday – Had an early evening run with Jenny and Tracie. Because of pressures of work, I needed to just spend the time that 5 miles would take up. I planned a route that had me meeting Jenny and Tracie at the usual place, and it worked brilliantly, we had a lovely run along quieter roads (it was rush hour so wanted to avoid pollution), I turned back at a certain point and YAY the maths worked out and I ended up at my house at the required number of miles. Jenny got her first 4 miler in for ages, hooray!

5 miles, 12:15 mins per mile

Wednesday – I’m self-employed and have been for ages, but sometimes work projects come out to have deadlines at the same time. I knew I didn’t have time to go to Dave yoga but thought I had time for my Paul circuits. Alas, I did not. So as a compromise, I did at least do lunges x 20 on each side, squats x 40 and sit-ups x 20. It’s something at least, right?

Thursday – My lovely friend Ruth (she of the half-marathon a month and jeffing) had asked Club if we could put on a Jeffing Taster session at our club session on a Thursday and it was time. Lovely Trudie and Mary Ellen from our close friendship group came along for support but we had two other ladies (hooray for Fay and Karen!) who had not jeffed in a structured way before. I had to dash up to club as my new phone had only just arrived (argh!) and then we took them round a nice 1.6 mile loop, getting a total of 4.8 miles of jeffing. I do love the pattern on strava:

Fay and Karen loved it, felt empowered to do the third loop and went further than they thought they wood. They even expressed disappointment that we weren’t offering it every week! Result! I then ran home with Ruth and Mary Ellen. I was proud that we managed to put this on and had such good reactions. I also got a nice total mileage for me for a Thursday!

0.7 mi, 11:24 mins per mile / 4.8 mi, 13:19 mins per mile / 0.7 mi, 11:53 mins per mile – 6.2 miles total

Friday – Just about carved out the time to go to Claire yoga – some great hip flexor stretching, much needed

Saturday – I planned a long run around parkrun. This week it’s been Mary Ellen’s turn to do everything with me. Right, are you concentrating? Mary Ellen and I ran to parkrun, 4 miles, and she then went home to get her hair done. I then met up with Jenny and did parkrun partly with her and partly with a young lady from the University of Birmingham couch to 5k graduating group who was struggling with her breathing (she was an experienced athlete on a come-back so I trusted her judgement after evaluating the situation, but stuck with her just in case. A much faster runner than me normally, she then upped the pace, leaving me pushing a little harder than normal then walking up the hill just before the finish (shouting cheerily, “can’t be arsed, I’m in the middle of a long run and tired!” to the people trying to cheer me up the hill!)). Then it was run and talk time, so I waited for that, then ran one loop of the lakes with Alan from r & t, who is coming back from illness, so I (of course) taught him about jeffing. THEN Caroline met me and ran me around the lake once more and back home, and got very much the short straw in this “Liz relay” as I was pretty tired and more than a little whiny by then. I got to my road at 11 so went for the extra to make up a round total for the week.

Tired lady in club colours (actually our and Bournville’s club colours due to only my teal underlayer being found in time!)

I was really pleased with my speed as I did do some bits slowly, the end felt like an effort and involved some walk breaks. I also forgot to pause my watch as I ambled down the parkrun funnel, taking my time about it!

11.3 mi, 12:32 mins per mile

Saturday night was club awards night. Ruth won a Committee Award for her epic fund-raising in memory of her dad and I was so proud. We all got certificates for marshalling etc. at the cross-country league match in January that club ran, and I was blown away to come third in the Runner’s Choice awards, nominated by 6 of my clubmates, and behind two of our popular coaches. How lovely! The messages on the nominations were lovely and I will treasure them. Mary Ellen and I walked there and back, making up my run and walk miles to 16 for the day!

Sunday – off bright and early to Perry Park, behind Alexander Stadium, to help officiate at the Young Athletes League cross-country event. Because I’m going for my Endurance Level 2 licence, Noel, assistant referee, had offered me my choice of jobs, and I was funnel/finish manager, which involved setting up the funnel (physically, with stakes, netting and tape, mainly because I got there early), briefing the officials who were provided by three clubs in the league as part of their league membership requirements (one of whom was my boss at the cross-country last week and all but one of whom had previous experience) on what we were doing, safeguarding (women must look after female  competitors who need help if possible, etc.) and then managing the team, having responsibility for runners keeping the finish line clear and getting through the funnel safely. A few unwellnesses went on and some rolling around on the floor, but everyone was OK and it went smoothly, and feedback was that I’d done a good job. I knew I could do it, but it’s still a bit stressful of course. We had under-11s, -13s, -15s and -17s males and females and all fine. Phew! I enjoyed myself, the weather held; I didn’t get a picture of the funnel but here’s a view of English parkland with the city centre skyline in the distance.

Miles this week: 22.5

Progress towards 1,000 miles in the year: 995 (ooh!)

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