A peculiar and hard week but no DOMS really, which is something. Not many pictures taken somehow.

Monday – I did my physio lunges but this time I did just one out-and-back set of each lunge. I took great care with my form (I had done that last time but maybe not so much on the second sets as I was so sore). I did not have terrible DOMS after, though I could feel it.

Tuesday – Running club run with the lovely Tara, a relatively new Sedate Lady who has great knowledge of the local parks and greenways thanks to her dog-walking business. Unfortunately I managed to stop my watch when I got to club and not restart it, so I had to borrow Tara’s stats! Dark but a nice one.

0.7 mi, 12:19 mins per mi / 4.1 mi, 13:19 mins per mi / 0.6 mi, 11:54 mins per mile; 5.4 miles in total.

Wednesday – Another set of lunges the same as on Monday. I couldn’t go to yoga because I was having some cheese delivered, so I set up my timer to prove I did do some yoga at home (15 minutes of it!)

Cross lunge – or something. Concentrating face.

Downward facing dog proof

Another bright spot was my February Five medal arriving – thank you Verity! I put it with my other two.

Thursday – I ran up to club to help support the 5k and Beyond group. Ran the long way, ran round but unfortunately the group was all pretty speedy and I had a bit of time when I couldn’t keep up, which was a bit embarrassing as I wasn’t able to do my job properly. Two ladies did drop back a little so I could support them through the end. Ran the long way round to get home and make up some miles, running into a friend who had had some abuse hurled at her from some blokes in a car – so bloody annoying!

1 mi, 12:17 mins per mile / 2 mi, 12:46 mins per mile / 1.1 mi, 12:30 mins per mile, 4.1 mi in total

Friday – went to Claire yoga after spending 2 hours cleaning the house. A good stretch out!

Saturday – Set off at 6.15 with my clubmate and friend Paul to get to Prestwold Hall in Leicestershire (an hour and 15 mins’ drive away) to Sector Marshal at the Intercounties Cross-Country Championships. We spent the first two hours in howling wind and rain trying to set the course back up again.

The struggle is real. Thanks to Paul Ward for the photo.

The tape kept stretching and tearing and this was a feature throughout. Joined by Dave J, the other sector marshal from club and Kings Heathens Karen, Fay, Dave T and Ursula, we found our places and supported our runners. I had a massive field to look after and was kept busy dashing about. It was still windy and terrible and the tape kept getting free; we also had a few fallen runners to look after so a day of concentrating and responsibility. Some great racing and this was my view if I had time to look down the field:

Prestwold Hall

We then all took the course down and left the bits in strategic places then came home. I got home at 5.45, washed the mud out of my hair (!) and had half a pizza, then dashed down to the club AGM to help make up the quorum. Back, other half of the pizza and bed.

Sunday – Due to a domestic crisis I was late starting which pushed my three companions’ runs back, and by a few miles in I knew I was sadly too upset and exhausted to be able to support the one friend through the run she’d planned and had to bail. I struggled back and met up with another friend in the park once I’d checked in at home, who helped me to manage the rest of my planned run distance, very slowly with lots of walks and stops. Not the most fun but I really wanted to get those miles in

It’s not all pretty churches and stately homes: here’s me, Trudie and some chocolate milk outside Bargain Booze.

Cambridge Road Methodist Church fulfilling my readers’ need for pretty churches.

Wiggliest route ever once I was back near home?

16.1 miles, 13:25 mins per mile

Miles this week: 25.7 Miles this year: 208.3 (target miles in March 250)

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