It’s the end of the month so time to round up where our general thoughts went on “A Word Child” and look forward to April’s read, “Henry and Cato”.

We had a good discussion about “A Word Child” on my review, with some of us, including me, shocked that I’d found Hilary a positive character: not this time! Jo did another great review on Goodreads and as usual I will add any other blog reviews you tell me about to this page. Do pop your comments on the review post even if you’re coming to this a bit late – I’d love this project to live on and be something people decide to undertake in the future!

I have some cover images to share and also a lovely in situ reading pic which I thought might inspire a few more, after I shared images of myself reading the book on a lava field (see my review for that). First I should share, as promised, my circular diagram of the relationships in the book I did last time I read it: I was quite proud of this (it does have some spoilers, though!)

Here are Peter Rivenberg’s US first edition, which I quite like, although I prefer my Tube-inspired UK one (sorry)

and the Penguin which has a slightly odd front cover …

and a back that tells the whole plot!

Also, Thomasina zany??

Finally, here’s Peter’s dog Lexie helping him read it: how lovely!

Henry and Cato

So, on to Henry and Cato. I have three copies, the 1st edition, a Triad Granada published in 1977, my reprint being the 1986 one (so bought and read when I was 14 or a bit older) and then the older-style Vintage one because this is another that doesn’t have the red cover. I have to say I do dislike the Triad cover!

The first edition I bought in Oxfam (they hadn’t realised it was a first, I got it for £2.49 and I went back and gave them an extra donation when I’d checked it). It also has a mysterious sticker on the title page: a diplomatic gift, I think.

No notion of who “Britain” presented it to, however.

Blurb time, here’s the first, with quite a lot of detail:

The Triad Granada with a great quote from the Telegraph which does sum IM up I think,

And the Vintage, recycling the first one:

Are you going to be reading or re-reading “Henry and Cato” along with me? Are you catching up with the others or have you given up? What’s your favourite so far? Your least favourite? (and why has no one answered that question yet?). Do you have a photo to share of you reading one of the books, or where you read it?

You will find a page listing all of these blog posts here, updated as I go along.