Not a huge number of miles this week but you’ll see why at the end, but a decent week of exercise and good physio news.

Monday – A recovery run in the sun with Jenny. Why did I not realise how useful recovery runs are before this marathon campaign???

3 miles, 12:43 mins per mile

Wednesday – Second Dave yoga and a lovely stretch out. Two yoga sessions achieved this week, which felt good!

Thursday – Physio in the morning and I got signed off as a person with a stiff lower back rather than a person with a problematic stiff lower back. I’m to let him know if it gets worse again, and otherwise continue with the loosening and strengthening regime. Thanks, Phil!

Then I went for an early evening run with Trudie. No hat, no gloves, only one layer!

Yes, it was T-shirt weather!

We did a similar route to Monday and the park was looking lovely. Time for a shadow selfie!

Swanshurst Park shadow selfie. Taken by Trudie and used with her permission.

4 miles, 12:07 mins per mile

Friday – Second Claire yoga and while it wasn’t as confusing as last week, there were some hard things. However, lunges on tiptoes, yup, fine, more of those, please! I’d just finished mopping the floors from House Cleaning Day when I got to yoga, anyone else go to yoga with wet hair? (fail).

Saturday – I think I was covering for someone else but anyway, I led our club’s Beginners’ session in the park. I ran there, met four lovely beginners (including a lady in her very late 70s: massive kudos to her!) and one lady who had a Knee so Afshin (leading the four miles) and I persuaded her to run conservatively in the park, and we variously walked ran and looped back, stretched and finished. I met up with Jenny for a couple more loops then ran back to the high street to meet Matthew in the freezer shop to buy some groceries (the glamour).

More sun! Top’s getting a bit battered and grubby but will see me through the ultra then be replaced.

0.6 miles, 11:32 mins per mile / 1.8 miles, 14:06 mins per mile / 1.8 miles, 12:32 mins per mile for 4.2 in total.

You’ll remember Claire, who I do long runs with often: we went to a lovely fundraising lunch at her house (a few houses down from ours) which helped raise some money for her marathon charity and was a lovely occasion. More of Claire next week!

Sunday – I’ve not been hugely happy with my Saucony Hurricane 4s which I bought to replace my beloved Saucony Guide 8s and 9s when the 10s went all small in the toe box. They don’t feel supportive enough on really long runs, and I noticed some ankle aches after my 18 last week. So I went to Up & Running today and tried the Guide 11s (a bit wider but still slightly odd), two lots of Brooks (I could feel they had 1mm less drop than the Sauconys like some weird opposite to the Princess and the Pea), and Saucony Omnis – just right.


Yeah, they’re almost teal and I’m going to get some stick from my Bournville Harriers friends about that; at least the bag’s in our club’s colours!

Miles this week: 11.2 Miles this year: 266 (target miles at end of March 250)

So no long run this week: that’s because I’m doing my long run with Claire tomorrow. I’ve worked today to make up for it so should be able to take most of the day off to recover. Wish us luck with my 19 or 20 and her 22ish!

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