So, I took advice from a) Marcia at The Healthy Slice and b) several people who reiterated and told me to listen to her, on my comments last week, and dialled down my expectations of my general fitness and my plan to run another 20+ mile run this weekend. I also took my own advice and worked hard on bedtimes and getting enough sleep. I do feel these were good choices to make. Better to feel slightly undertrained going into my races than overtrained and overtired, right?

I will admit to already  looking forward to post-races, so July 15. Is that bad? Does it say I should go with my gut feeling and run not race? Hm. Will consider that after the summer. I know I also have a summer of outdoor track and field season to work on and I’m really excited about that, but a bit nervous and DETERMINED to keep up my resting!

Anyway, what I did this week … Look out for wobbly yoga pictures …

Monday – recovery run time from my 22 miler on Sunday. I felt very, very creaky. I’d been wearing my bright pink compression socks in the morning and decided I wanted to keep them on to run in. So I did, and then I had to wear these fetching brown-with-a-pink-stripe capris, which led me to keep up the pink theme with top AND buff. Cari knows I also like to be aggressively mismatched, so this was a bold look for me.

Aggressively matched in pink

Aggressively matched today

I met up with the ever-patient Mary Ellen, who was quite fatigued after a weekend residential for the course she’s doing, and staggered round 3.1 miles very close to home! It was quite sunny so I put this down to hot training for my summer races!

3.1 miles, 12:58 mins per mile.

Wednesday – I missed yoga as I signed up too late and was on the waiting list (they were doing one instead of two classes again) and then I had an urgent job I didn’t think I was going to finish. So once I had finished the job I put on one of my 401 Runner Ben tshirts (OK, it’s quite snug so it makes me hold my core in!) and met up with Sonya for a nice spin.

Wearing my I Ran With Ben tshirt with pride

Wearing my I Ran with Ben tshirt with pride

I was a bit tired and we had a good chat about better sleep hygiene. There were some lovely flowers out


and when I got home I did a little bit of yoga and took Proof Of Yoga pics …

Oopsie! You can see my new Saucony Omni ISO SS19 trainers here. Plea for help: when I first put them on my right ankle (which likes to bend in) protests for about a mile then feels OK. No lasting pain or soreness afterwards. This is back to a stability shoe which I love, is this just my ankle getting used to sitting correctly after being in a) ancient shoes, b) my unstable Hurricanes?

5.2 miles, 12:32 mins per mile

Friday – No yoga again! I saw some family and it clashed with yoga. Oh no!

Saturday – You didn’t think two weeks were going to go by without me volunteering in some way, did you? I was back at parkrun, marshalling at a nice complicated junction, having fun calling out to friends from club and parkrun in general. Had a lovely cuppa and chat with Chris and Rich, who I haven’t seen for ages, as well as chats with Andy and other lovely parkrun friends. Great to be back at my 124th volunteering stint, and I walked the 2 miles there and back.

Sunday – Cut-down Long Run Day and it was pretty warm (in the 20s, apparently (very high 60s) so good hot training. I did one loop with Jenny first and had a good catch-up, then met Mary Ellen and we went out on the canals a different way, taking the Stratford Canal out towards Stratford, getting as far as Dickens Heath. No gritty urban photos for my readers who think all my runs are lovely as it was in the main lovely (the only suburban bit was on the way down and back again when I was hot!).

Canal boats moored on a canal; blue skies

Love the boat reflections and how lovely to have a house that backs onto the canal!

You can see from the towpath here that it wasn’t tarmacked but a traily kind of surface with loose stones. We had quite a lot of this, plus then earth tracks with uneven surfaces and the odd embedded brick.

We were very excited to come across the Shirley Drawbridge. Yes, I’ve brought you the ford, and the aqueduct, and now a drawbridge.

Drawbridge down, cars able to go across

Drawbridge down, cars able to go across


Up she goes! All done by electronic gubbins now


Fully raised – still quite tricky to get through

The most British sign in the world: "Do not nudge the bridge".

The most British sign in the world: “Do not nudge the bridge”.

We reached our turnaround point when Mary Ellen’s watch said 5 miles, and took the required photo:

Liz and Mary Ellen on the canal in the sun

Liz and Mary Ellen in the sun

We went back and got off the canal behind the Rugby Club and common, which is where I’ve run with Claire a few times and during the Canal Canter: unfortunately we missed the way onto the common and had to stick to the roads after a bit of forest paths. But a great run and I felt good training for my hot summer races and also the trail aspect of my ultra.

I wore the Saucony Omnis again and had the same issue but no sore ankles afterwards, which I had going longer than 10 miles in the Hurricanes …

13.1 miles, 13:22 mins per mile

I was pleased with the week although low on yoga. Next week will be a low mileage one. I have an Easter Bunny Strava Art run to do with clubmates to wish our London Marathon runners good luck for the weekend tomorrow, then I’ll be going down to London to support the marathon, hopefully doing some parkrun tourism with my best friend on the Saturday and supporting Claire and her sister Rachel, Sarah who I did my 18 miles with, Maria my fellow Mental Health Champion, and all manner of lovely friends from various clubs in the London Marathon. Good luck to everyone who’s going to be there!

Miles this week: 21.3 Miles this year: 358.4.

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