Oh dear. Two wonderful runs, the best I’ve had for ages, and then boof. A short recap today!

Tuesday – Went out for a solo run although I did run into lovely Tara in the park (she runs a dog-walking and pet care business so she’s often found in the park with a different dog). I had half an hour ish to run in during a busy work day of all sorts of deadlines, plus waiting in for deliveries (yes, I beat the cat food home!). So I decided to do some speed work. I didn’t set my watch to jeffing but I basically counted 30 paces fast and then 60 recovery for the first two miles. I was thrilled to see those two miles flash up with a pace starting with a 10. That’s nothing to most people, I know, but super-speedy for me. Then I recovered and chatted to Tara and said I was going to meander home gently, but I decided to push it again.

Three miles at under 11 mins per mile!

You can see my two miles of faster sprint sections in the cadence line along the bottom!

3.1 miles, 10:42 mins per mile

Wednesday – yoga (easy Dave) helped me relax when I was worried about a friend who was in for surgery (the friend was fine). I love seeing my little corner of yoga mates and also realised the lady I’d seen in the park with her dogs is indeed a lady from yoga.

Thursday – Another few deliveries but I had time to do five miles. I went for my old five-mile route, which I have done many times since I started running but not so much recently, taking a big loop down to one of the main roads, along to the Edgbaston Cricket Ground, back up a big long hill and along to home (more hill then a bit of down). It’s actually just over 5 miles. I started out quite happily fast (for me) and I just kept on going. I broke a couple of Strava segment records that I’ve been running 30+ times since 2015 and was under 12 minute miles up the terrible hill for the first time ever. It felt really good and comfortable, even though it was quite humid. In fact, by the end, I had activated reactolite sunglasses with raindrops on them!

I wore my new Omnis and no ankle pain now so they are confirmed as my marathon shoes (well, if …)

raindrops on sunnies (please excuse the dewy fiteredness: my new phone likes its beauty filter!)

Here are my amazing for me splits!

I have run this far faster recently but not on the hills so I was pleased to be feeling strong.

5.3 miles, 11:21 mins per mile.

And then …

I don’t think it was the hard running. I think it was being in London on all that public transport, in all those crowds, having forgotten my daily zinc pill, too, or the two people serving me in shops with a cough in the week. I wasn’t that run-down etc. But I got a cold. A blasted COLD. I felt icky on Thursday and it all developed on Friday. I cancelled yoga, put off a job (thank you, client!) until Monday, cancelled volunteering at parkrun on Saturday even though it was our big fundraising mob match, and, worst of all, cancelled my 24-mile run on Sunday. Argh!

I’m trying not to panic. Last year I got a cold 2.5 weeks before Manchester marathon which never went away and made me have to cancel the marathon. This is further out (mara is 26 May) and I did not go into the cold depleted and have not given myself nosebleeds using decongestants. I have aggressively rested, eaten fruit and veg, drunk rehydrating liquids (thank you, past me who bought that gatorade powder) and slept a lot.

The plan is to recover as well as I can, tail run or run with beginners on Tuesday for club if it’s not pouring with rain, and try for 20 on Sunday 12th [EDITED TO ADD: Only, and very much only, if I have completely kicked the cold, which is receding nicely, by then], with then one recovery weekend before the mara. I already have a 20 and a 22 under my belt, but from a while ago now, so hopefully that will be enough.

Miles this week: 8.4 Miles this year: 386.7.

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