Marathon week is here so I took it nice and gentle this week and tried to get rest and good food in …

Tuesday – ran down to Printigo, the excellent print shop which supplies our club tshirts, vests and hoodies, clutching a bag containing my orange and black club tshirts, to get my name printed on them (I got my name on my bib but it’s TINY and I do like people to call my name as I run by). Unfortunately it’s downhill on the way and uphill on the way back but it’s the quickest way to get there (there’s a bus but it;s infrequent and I didn’t see one on either journey). I did actually hit a few PRs this time, I think mainly because I usually run down on club night and up at the end of longer runs.

3.5 miles, 11:36 mins per mile

Wednesday – Dave yoga with my friend Jenny there, too – his usual routine so I just stuck with the course and just didn’t push it.

Thursday – Supposed to be a gentle and inspiring pop down to pick up the tshirts, unfortunately I could hardly breathe and felt terrible and ended up walking up the hill almost in tears. Fortunately I had my lovely sedate ladies to remind me that it was a) really hot, b) school pick up time with loads of idling cars and c) I hadn’t had a terrible training run this time round. It still really knocked my confidence, though.

3.6 miles, 12:28 mins per mile

Friday  – made it to Claire yoga and did most things except a side plank business. We had a lovely long yoga nidra guided meditation at the end – exactly what I needed and I came out stretched and relaxed.

Sunday – I ran the Liverpool Rock’n’Roll Marathon (and waved to Renee!) – race report to come later in the week. I will say it was a shame that I had to push it in the first half, knowing that would leave me struggling, because I found out there was a 10 mile cut-off at 13.00 minute miles (as you can see below, I beat the 6 hour cut-off at 13:28 mins per mile so a bit unfair).

5:55:24, 26.4 miles 13:28 mins per mile

Miles this week: 33.5 Miles this year: 467.2 (for 1,000 miles in the year I needed 416.6 by the end of this month)

weekly-run-down-final-300x300The Weekly Run Down is run by two wonderful running women and joined by lots of other inspirational women. Kim’s weekly wrap is here and Deborah’s is here.