It was post-marathon recovery week this week so a lower mileage week with plenty of rest and rehabilitation. I feel fine, though – phew!

Monday – Staying an extra day in Liverpool (see my Liverpool Rock’n’Roll Marathon report here) we did a fair bit of walking today. But we also did meeting up with another blogger from the Weekly Run Down – the lovely Renee from Run, Laugh, Eat Pie! We also met her husband Ron and two lovely runners from York she knows from a Facebook group, Nikki and Charlotte. We had a lot of marathon chat and some food and coffee …

Ron, Nikki, Renee, Liz, Charlotte by Matthew

My Garmin says I walked 6 miles, anyway doing some uphill stuff on the way home was nice and we had a good look around.

Wednesday – Did Dave’s easy yoga class with Jenny and it was surprisingly OK – I’m back to being as good (or bad) at yoga as I usually am. This comes from NOT having pushed it hard on those last windy miles in the marathon – although I remain a bit disappointed by my performance as well as the support, I am NOT injured or overtired.

Thursday – I did keep havering about going for a run in the day in case I was rubbish or had lost my nerve. But I was able to meet up with Mary Ellen and Caroline early evening and do a safe 3 miles in the park. And it’s not true, I’m not ONLY happy when I’m running, but running does make me happy.

Only Happy When I’m Running

3 miles, 13:22 mins per mile (forgot to turn autopause back on so it was actually more like 12:30 mins per mile)

Friday – Easy Claire yoga, again managed fine though I didn’t do the one where you bend your leg back behind itself when kneeling as I just can’t do that.

Saturday – No officiating, no volunteering, a proper lie-in and rest day for the win.

Sunday – Out with a large group of sedate ladies for a canal run – what a lovely trip out, no worries about speed, just having a nice time.

I’m still hamming after all these years … (photo by Trudie)

Me taking a pic of Trudie taking a pic

My husband was working on his photo class homework (a photo essay) and asked for some photos mid-run – we got creative and here is my final pic …

My picture of Fay’s picture of us taking photos and Sonya’s picture of me taking a picture of Trudie taking a picture

Again, the autopause was off, so the speed is off but who really cares?

7 miles, probably about 13:30 mins per mile if I’d turned my watch to pause while we took pics!

You know what? I have the Bumble Bimble 10 mile trail race this month (no cut-off time) and the Race to the Stones 31 mile ultra (cut-off time: 12 hours, I did 31 miles in 9 hours on Sunday so I’m fiiiiine with that cut-off) and then no more races booked, and I’m fine with that. Very fine. I remember so enjoying my no-races, just get 1000 miles in a year times after the Canal Canter last year and I want more of that. Just running how I want, joining in with things. Yes, I want to get a bit more all-round fit, core and strength built up, but no racing for me for a good while. Unless I get into the London Marathon, of course …

Miles this week: 10 Miles this year: 447.2 (for 1,000 miles in the year I need 500 by the end of this month)

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