Summary: A good week but I’m still tired and recovering from the marathon and it’s a bit hard to maintain training for big events and officiating at all-day events but that side of things will ease soon.

Monday – A lovely recovery run with Claire, chatting about our marathons, and my new yoga mat arrived! No pics.

3.2 miles / 12:04 mins per mile

Wednesday – Off to Abbey Stadium in Redditch with Hilary and Rob to be one of Sparkhill Harriers’ contributed officials for their veterans’ league match. A nice evening for it and Hilary, Darren and I plus helpers looked after the two javelin competitions. I was pulling through, which means being on the winder end of the tape measure, pulling it flat and through a dot in the middle of the throwing runway once someone has spiked a spike where the javelin ended with the 0 end of the tape. Hilary did the measuring and recording. My final experience for my Field Level 1 licence application!

Abbey Stadium, Redditch

Thursday – An early evening run with Trudie and Mary Ellen. I was still tired and it was quite warm so we decided to pop to Swanshurst Park to run round the lovely lake (where I’d run with Claire on Monday). A good idea, and we got to do some hamming (OK, I got to) when Trudie popped near the lake to take some pictures.

Photobombing in Swanshurst Park (Trudie’s photo)

3.6 miles / 12:40 mins per mile

Friday – I managed to get to yoga and enjoyed Claire’s class although got a bit confused between my left and right in a new thing we did. My yoga mat was super – it didn’t stretch or move and I didn’t slip on it. Hooray!

Saturday – I’d seen a call for officials for the West Midlands Schools track and field event at Alexander Stadium on the officials’ Facebook group and signed up and had a great day working there. Although the weather was shockingly bad, with pouring rain so bad we had to postpone some field events …

View from the officials’ room – floodlights on in the middle of the day in June!

… there was a great spirit of getting on with things and a lot of enjoyment. We were all rotaed on to do different events, so I started on discus and rotated through javelin, shot, high jump and triple jump. I was a bit alarmed to see I was lead on one high jump competition but it’s a discipline I’m used to working on and all went fine. My friend Alison, who is a senior photo finish official and has encouraged me mightily in my track and field career, was there, too, the first time we’ve worked at the same event. We failed to get a photo together but she snapped me organising the high jump!

I’m second from right in the foreground

and she gave me a wave from the officials’ room when I was working on the triple jump. We had great teachers assisting us and all went well, weather considering.

I got to fulfil two ambitions I’ve held since seeing these things done while spectating at the same stadium in June last year (see my montage of photos of officials I took then here) and …

  • Got to push a little trolley full of discuses round from the competition area to the Scrutinising Room (where people’s own pieces of throwing and jumping equipment are checked: all items were loaned from the stadium today)

discus trolley!

  • Help lift up a section of pink track from the triple jump run-up and replace it with a take-off board

It was a great day: I did all sorts of jobs from registering athletes, calling them up to compete, sounding the horn to check people in the field were safe, pulling through, measuring and spiking, recording results and working out finishing orders, so lots of good experience and learning points. And I got a lift home from a lovely co-official who lives near me (and knows Hilary and Rob / runs with KHRC sometimes: it’s a small world!).

The arty shot

Sunday – I was supposed to be running 13 miles but was quite fatigued (not just the officiating but not sleeping so well with the light mornings coming early: we are getting quotations for blinds for the bathroom and bedroom which should help with this issue). I met Trudie, Ruth and Mary Ellen at the corner of my road and we set off down to the canal and ran along the route Mary Ellen and I took the time we saw the swing bridge, towards Dickens Heath. Ruth was tired, too (OK, we were all tired!) and wanted a shorter run so Trudie ran back with her after we’d said goodbye with a nice selfie in front of a graffitied bridge …

Liz, Trudie, Ruth, Mary Ellen

We took some nice canal pics before they left us.

Canal scene, Haslucks Green

Then Mary Ellen and I continued on towards Dickens Heath. We had some idyllic scenes along the way, saw lots of baby water birds including ducks, geese (all marching down a meadow and getting purposefully into the water and coming towards us!) and a moorhen and coot, and lots of lovely gardens and decks across the water, as well as boats and dogs.

Mary Ellen and Liz

We took a selfie at our turning around point in Dickens Heath, by a bridge built in 1997, presumably when the new communities were built there – always interesting to see all this stuff and we noticed a nature reserve I might come back to explore with Matthew.

Dickens Heath bridge

Then we turned back as Mary Ellen wanted about 10 miles. This time, we managed to turn in by the arch by Yardley Wood and follow the greenways up through to the rugby club, comparing my photographed route map with Google Maps on Mary Ellen’s phone, so now we know the way properly. I was tiring by the time we got there but wanted to round things up from 9.5 so Mary Ellen went home and I did a loop … and ran into Trudie again (who had gone further than me AND gone in the shop!) and she ran me back in until we got to her road.

I was pleased that I had managed about half of the run off-road (see the path above, there was also loose gravel and small gravel and some harder path with bricks sticking up) and had worn black for hot training and my running backpack for checking it was OK, so got some good training for the ultra conditions. But I was tired and there’s no point completely flogging yourself into the ground, is there?

11.5 miles / 13:20 mins per mile

Next week I want to sleep more, do two lots of yoga and I have the Bimble Bumble 10 mile trail race on the Sunday with a few of the Sedate Ladies.

Miles this week: 18.3 Miles this year: 495.5 [I think I had this recorded wrong last week] (for 1,000 miles in the year I need 500 by the end of this month)

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