Oh dear – is that that much different from last month? I fear not. However, there are fewer review books piled up on top.

I only read six books in June, and OK there was a lot of non-fiction and the one on Greenland took a while to read, but that’s not great, really, is it? I am way under 50 books for the year so far and that is not like me. However, I do have my big race coming up so there will be some good solid early nights and a couple of days off which should help.

What am I reading now and nearly?

I’m working my way through the excellent “The Dinosaurs Rediscovered” by Michael Benton – so, so fascinating. Lynne Murphy’s excellent-looking “The Prodigal Tongue” is the next in my 20 Books of Summer (which has reached a grand total of three so far, with the one I haven’t reviewed yet) and will tell me more about the differences between US and UK English, and I’m delighted that my next Iris Murdoch is a big favourite, “The Philosopher’s Pupil”.

I can’t show you what’s upcoming because I made my 20 Books of Summer up out of the beginning and end of my TBR then promptly added more to the end. I can show you a wicked new acquisition, all because Ali accidentally clicked twice, then obviously thought I needed more books to keep me out of mischief! No, it is lovely to have another Furrowed Middlebrow book really – thank you, Ali!

How are you doing with your TBRs, reading challenges and 20 books of summer/winter?