I missed a week! The week before last I didn’t run very much then went all the way down to Cornwall with Gill and Ali to attend the summer party our photo-a-day group has every year. No running, no time to post. This week has been a good one, though, with three volunteering/officiating stints and three runs!

Tuesday – ran to club run a bit late with Claire, ran round club run, back home. Can’t really remember anything more about this now!

5.3 miles, 11:27 / 12:15 / 11:59 mins per mile

Wednesday – went to Dave yoga but it was a cover teacher, a Turkish woman who had us doing Dead Bugs. My abs ached afterwards so a good one!

Thursday – a very hot run with Trudie and Mary Ellen – we’ve taken to doing an early evening run which is nice as it doesn’t get too late like the club run can.

4.3 miles, 12:39 mins per mile

I decided not to take running kit down to Cornwall which was a good call – for a start I had terrible hay fever and new medication on prescription which made me fee AWFUL. I did have a lovely walk with Emma on the Saturday and lots of rest and good food.

Miles this week: 9.6

Tuesday – Volunteering Pt 1 – tail ran for club run. I ran up there a bit late so a bit fast for me, then helped welcome new runners and led the club warm-up before letting everyone out of the park in small groups (we’re a big club and it can get overwhelming if we all just go out in pace groups). I had the lovely Mark shadowing me to learn about this volunteer role and we tail ran quite briskly considering (esp as it was hot). Then ran home with Trudie.

0.6 miles, 10:51 mins per mile / 4.1 miles, 13:28 mins per mile / 0.6 miles, 12:29 mins per mile

Wednesday – Yoga in the morning and the Turkish woman again but with totally different exercises, some of which I could not do (sitting on the side of my hips with my legs sideways, not so much).

In the evening, I had a road trip to Stratford-upon-Avon with my running club colleague James to represent Sparkhill Harriers as their contributed officials at the Veterans’ track and field league South division match 3. We were responsible for the triple jump this time, so lots of lifting out of bits of track and putting down boards, calling athletes up to compete, judging the take-off, and measuring, recording distances and shouting out the best of their three jumps, plus working out the winners (Graham’s new knee did marvels and allowed him do the pulling through of the tape and I had help with the flags!). James enjoyed himself on his first experience officiating, hooray, and it was a lovely evening.

Stratford School track and officials

Thursday – It was HOT. I set out for a 6pm run with Trudie and Mary Ellen and while we started out running, we had to basically walk, which was still nice, being outdoors and under trees, and I’m still counting it as the running was there. Temps hit 75 which was a bit sudden!

3 miles, 15:55 mins per mile (last mile read 19 mins, I think it recorded us stopping for a chat!)

Saturday – I went off to Rugby and Northampton Athletics Club with the BRAT club to be one of their contributed officials at the Masters’ league match 3. I was on the track for the first time so a bit intimidating, but luckily I had a friend of almost 30 years and senior photo finish and track judge Alison by my side!

Alison and Liz

I was able to double up with Alison on our duty sheet so always had her with me and didn’t have to face anything on my own. This worked really well – I did remember a lot from my training and I also asked lots of questions. There were loads of events (runs from 100m to 5,000m, relays (100m and 400m), hurdles (100m, 110m and 400m) and steeplechase), and we rotated through all sorts of duties including running the lap counter and final lap bell (yes, I got to ring the bell!), recording laps on a sheet, running the wind gauge, umpiring relay changeovers, umpiring hurdling and clearing of steeplechase obstacles, umpiring the break for the 400m relay (including putting out tiny cones and collecting them in hurriedly) and judging all or first or final three finisher order. It was a great introduction to officiating on the track and I really enjoyed it. Thank you, Alison and the BRAT team for the welcome, support and lifts!

Sunday – An absolutely lovely, relaxed run with Trudie and Mary Ellen. Although it said it was only about 68 it felt very hot again so we took green ways and canals for as much shade as possible. We stopped to take photos and had such a super time. Lots of birds, ducklings in particular, cool dogs and butterflies on Billesley Common. What a treat and a privilege for my last long run before the ultra! We even saw Claire at the beginning in her camper van, and we only got a bit lost getting off the canal and up to the common …

Just some ladies on a run, taking a photo of a gorilla sat on top of a shop. May undermine the “All your runs are so pretty” comments …

Clever pic taken by Trudie – can you spot us AND the toll house in Mary Ellen’s glasses?

Classic canal pic. So cool and shady!

8 miles, 13:14 mins per mile (final mile 11:48 to see if I could push the pace a little when tired)

Miles this week: 16.3 Miles this year: 563.2 (for 1,000 miles in the year I need 583.3 by the end of this month)

So that was my last training run before Race to the Stones Day 2 and although it was only 8 miles it was 8 hot, tired miles after learning, standing up all day and lugging a heavy case full of clipboards around the previous day. The plan for next week is a run on Tuesday, two lots of yoga if I can, a run or walk on Thursday then a 31 mile saunter along the Ridgeway on the Sunday!

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