A quick one today as I’m quite tired after today’s exertions …

Tuesday – A nice run to meet my friend Jenny at her yoga session, then ran to her house and back to mine. Perfect pre-Race to the Stones run to keep the legs turning over.

1.5 miles, 11:22 mins per mile / 2.1 miles, 11:51 mins per mile

Wednesday – Dave yoga – quite chilled and nothing odd so managed the whole class!

Thursday – Eschewed a run as I had to walk round to a friend’s house to check she’d left her window shut before going on holiday (she had). I took the long way home and bought some garden chairs in a local shop, then carried them home and had to have help from a nice local chap to get them up the side entry into the garden!


Garden chairs in situ and totally worth it

Friday – Claire yoga – I took it gently but she included my favourite standing up slowly from a deep squat! A lovely prep for the big run. Unfortunately still had bicep/tricep/rib DOMS from the chairs.

Sunday – Race to the Stones 2nd Day 50 k / 30 miles done. Race report to follow. It was hard but no harder than I thought and I did not hit the wall or feel unwell afterwards, which I am so proud of!

33.2 miles / 15:55 mins per mile

Weekly total 34.9 miles. Total this year 598.1 (I need 583.3 to be on my 1,000 miles in a year total)

weekly-run-down-final-300x300The Weekly Run Down is run by two wonderful running women and joined by lots of other inspirational women. Kim’s weekly wrap is here and Deborah’s is here.