A week of recovery then getting back on it – hooray!

First of all, in the unlikely event you didn’t catch it, my race report from Race to the Stones Day 2 50k is here, and also my lovely friend Bernice, who I did it with, has written her very first blog post about her own experience of the race (with the odd additional photo of me I didn’t include and the cutest ever pic taken by my husband of her little lad running to her) here – it would mean a lot if the odd person from the link-up or other readers could pop over and read it/drop her a comment. She was amazing, running through the pain and always cheerful!

Monday – I had booked today and Tuesday off work (should have booked more days!) and felt generally OK, a bit stiff, had a blister on the inside of my right big toe (which has since healed fine) and a slightly black nail on the toe that’s been a bit upset nail-wise since about Feb 2018. Not too bad! I had a coffee with Gill in the morning and showed her my medal (of COURSE) and then went to see Ben 401 marathons man do a talk about his new venture (if you are in the US and in or near a state capitol, please follow him and check out where he’s running a marathon near you; he’s my major marathon inspiration) at the cricket ground in the evening (fortunately lovely Abi drove me there and back, I also saw running club friends and met the legendary Usingh Bolt, a lovely man from Aldridge who has been doing some epic fundraising and is running John o’Groats to Land’s End really soon (page here).

A great evening and glad I managed to get there.

Tuesday – Slightly exhausted by having a man round to cut our hedges – much needed and good timing on a day off but I did have a bit where I just wanted … to … sleeeeeeeep …

Wednesday – Went to Easy Dave Yoga – I’d warned him I might need to just lie down but I managed quite a lot of the moves, although anything involving my quads was a bit sore (I seemed to use them to pick up my feet rather than my hips and glutes towards the end of the race!). Really lovely to be back moving though.

Thursday – After all the work on the house interior, my friend Claire (of London and ultra training fame) kindly took me to the rubbish dump with a load of plastic and cardboard. I wanted to run today but was shattered after the tip run, so no!

Friday – My present to myself arrived and I was really pleased with it. From a maker on Etsy, Pendant4yourThoughts, I realised the necklace with five names on could be customised totally, so had it made to have my five endurance runs – Reykjavik Marathon, Birmingham Marathon, my DIY Birmingham Marathon, Liverpool R’n’R Marathon and Race to the Stones. I was really chuffed with how it came out:

It’s nice to have that to draw a line under endurance races. I will continue running of course, but it will be nice to do it around my officiating work for a bit (I had to miss day two of one meet because I needed to do a long training run) and just for fun!

Sunday – I felt ready to go for a run, so I took the opportunity to join Jenny for a pre-breakfast trot around our local area – one of our standard runs we do a lot, which felt good. In fact, running up to meet her at her end of the road that links our addresses, I got a PB on a strava segment I was running for the 44th time!! I was sensible though, jeffed with Jenny (3 mins running 30 sec walking) and then ran home for a total of four very happy miles.

Shadow Liz in leafy Moseley

The sun was up but only low still

4 miles, 12:43 mins per mile

Weekly total 4 miles. Total this year 602.2 (I need 583.3 at the end of this month to be on my 1,000 miles in a year total)

weekly-run-down-final-300x300The Weekly Run Down is run by two wonderful running women and joined by lots of other inspirational women. Kim’s weekly wrap is here and Deborah’s is here.