Second recovery week done and getting back down to normality, although I did overdo it slightly.

First of all, thanks to everyone who popped over to my friend Bernice’s blog post about her experience of Race to the Stones here – she was overwhelmed by the messages!

Tuesday – It’s been hot all this week (until the weekend) and I left it that little bit too late to go out for a run in the morning. For a start, the window cleaner came and I didn’t want to leave when he was there or have the alarm on full and have him set it off banging on the front window again! So I went out close to 11 am and did some hot walk-run miles. I tried to take a photo of the hot Liz that ensued, but my selfie camera insists on beautifying everything so I came out slightly highlighted! The expression is real, however!

At least you get a nice view of our new sliding door to our boiler cupboard, right?

3.1 miles, 12:01 mins per mile

Wednesday – Dave Yoga, I just got really hot doing this even though the aircon was on and had to lie down for a bit of it. Done, though. And I finally stopped being quite so horrendously tired.

Thursday – Planned better this time – the temps went up to NINETY-THREE in the Midlands (this is unheard-of) but when I went out at 6am to run with Jenny it was actually very pleasant, only 60 and quite fresh. We did our usual route.

4.0 miles, 12:33 mins per mile (mile 3 we walked a lot up the hills, at my request. Still not quite back on it)

Friday – Claire yoga was very nice and restful. I haven’t worked much this week, more hanging around and reading, so a good end to the week.

Saturday – I covered running club’s 7.5-mile half marathon training run. We offer runs to train for the Birmingham half-marathon every year, aimed at people new to running distance. We don’t offer our usual 4-mile route but still do beginners’ sessions. This rota, I’d asked to do beginners’ only, as the groups typically go faster than the advertised 12-13 minute miles, and I feel I’m not offering them a great experience if I really can’t keep up with them (this happened last year). However, the person down to do Beginners’ had a 20-mile marathon training run on Sunday, so I felt I could offer the longer distance, and did so.

I prepared the way as soon as it was announced I was leading: when I shared the route, I also shared that I would be leading from the back, I explained we could use loop-backs to keep together and a diagram.

Yes, I know their hair disappears, yes, B and C are meant to reverse, showing there’s one group of mixed runners and one fast one

I also reiterated when we met up that people were free to go ahead if they wanted to as long as they were in pairs or more and let me know they’d got round OK. Everyone agreed, and I also handed out laminated lists of the roads for the route, so if people were ahead, they could see where to go:

it was POURING with rain so I needed to laminate them! Lovely Trudie came along to keep me company and I did just about manage to keep up, although I lost them at about 5.75 miles, which was the easy part of the route back home. I managed to have them do about 4.5 miles of the actual (complicated, wiggly) course, although missed one tiny road without a road name (this will be easier when they’re following thousands of other runners). They were all there at the end and told me they’d done their stretching! Lovely Trudie took a pic of two drenched runners …

A little damp

I was tired for the rest of the day, however, and I had to walk home rather than running. I’d run there, so I covered 8.5 miles in total.

0.6 miles, 11:18 mins per mile / 7.9 miles, 12:43 mins per mile (last 0.9 14:37 uphill)

Sunday – My enhanced DBS check had come through, allowing me to work with children and vulnerable adults, etc., so I sat down today to do my Safeguarding course, which I also needed to renew my Run Leader and Athletics Official licences. It wasn’t a fun course, quite upsetting in places, but I pushed through and did it, with 100% on each of the two tests. Phew! So now they should automatically send me my new licence, including my Level 1 Field qualification.

Weekly total 15.6 miles. Total this year 617.8 (I need 583.3 at the end of this month to be on track for my 1,000 miles in a year total)

weekly-run-down-final-300x300The Weekly Run Down is run by two wonderful running women and joined by lots of other inspirational women. Kim’s weekly wrap is here and Deborah’s is here.