An odd week this week with more officiating and volunteering than running.

Monday – a warm run with Claire, we did our 4 mile route which gives us a bit of shady canal and nice boats and some paths behind the rugby club. It was quite hot so I did my buff in shade-your-neck style.

Shading my neck

However what that pic doesn’t show is that this buff has a seriously weird print. It’s one of a pack of six I bought a while ago.

OK, right.

A load of sheep and the outline of a house, for the win. I didn’t run again until Saturday because life got in the way. Nothing too serious and nothing to talk about in public, but a few bits and bobs going on. Situation has eased now.

4 miles, 12:54 minutes per mile

Wednesday – made it to Dave yoga in the morning, then my running club friend James gave me a lift to Worcester, where we were two of Sparkhill Harriers’ contributed officials for their last Veterans’ Track and Field League match of the season. We ran shot put first, which was a reminder for me as I haven’t done that since my first ever experience, then long jump for over-60s men and over-70s women (I know: how brave???). All went well and I’ve learned to be more forthright in controlling the roster of athletes so we get things done efficiently.

Photo by James

I actually ended up calling up, measuring and working out the results, but I had a bit of a rake, which I’ve never actually done before, even though seeing people doing that at close quarters was what inspired me to take up track and field officiating!

Saturday – I was rostered to lead the club beginners’ session and had run fast for me the long way round to get there, but had no beginners. As the woman who was leading the half-marathon training was new to leading, I led the warmup then came with them, especially as there were two people I knew would be running a bit slower. We used my route from last year with an extra bit, and it was lucky I went because the poor leader tripped and had a nasty fall. Thank you to the lovely man whose door we knocked on for some water and to Sara for doing the nursing bit. She ended up going to a walk-in centre then going to A&E to have stitches, poor thing. I rounded up the half of the runners who were still with us and finished the run with them, the faster ones had looped back to find us, but not quite far enough but we all met up at the end and I led them in a stretch before wobbling home. Do wear an ICE tag if you run, especially solo, with your next of kin phone number and allergies!

1.8 miles, 11:30 mins per mile / 7.2 miles, 13:47 mins per mile

Sunday – I worked at the Midland League Division Two Track and Field meet on behalf of BRAT (Birmingham Running and Triathlon Club) as a field official this time (last time I worked on the track). I had a great day, they, like Sparkhill, have been very welcoming of their non-club contributed official. We worked in a team of five, all from the club.

I worked on women’s pole vault first, which was very exciting, as that’s the one Field discipline I’ve not done before. I learned how to move the uprights back and forward and the bar supports up and down and had a go at replacing the bar with the supporting poles (each with a C-shaped piece at the end to hold the bar with).

Then we were on the men’s javelin and I was pulling through, after trying to do collecting the javelins but finding I wasn’t strong enough to stick them in the ground for the athletes to use (most don’t have their own so use the stadium’s). So then I was standing to the side of the run-up, holding the reel of tape, playing out enough tape for the person spiking to reach where the javelin had landed, and putting the tape down on the ground so it ran through the middle of the run-up and could be measured accurately at the throwing line. Lots of squatting basically. This and the triple jump had six rounds: three for everyone then three more for those who reached a certain distance.

Last we had triple jump and I got to fulfil my lifetime’s ambition of raking the sandpit! When I attended the Team Trials last summer we were sitting near the pits and I got to see the officials doing this and really fancied it, but I’d never done it. See pic above for an idea, although it was hotter and I was in my polo shirt and cap. Hard work but I learned what to do and got the idea of it.

Addersley Stadium, Wolverhampton

The stadium had a bike track running round the outside of the track, which made it interesting to get off the track in some places! A good day out and I even got to watch some of the track competition in the breaks between officiating. I’ll definitely be back to help them next year!

Weekly total 13 miles. Total this year 630.8 (I need 666.67 at the end of this month to be on track for my 1,000 miles in a year total)

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