I had a week off the round-up last week as I ended up just doing one run, on the Saturday. But I’ve got back into it this last week, even though the summer seems to have come back.

Saturday (17 August) – I was supporting running club beginners, and dashed up to the meetup point starting off a little late. Had no beginners (this often happens at this time of year) but lovely Ruth joined me to keep me company, we Jeffed round the park a bit then I ran the long way home. We had a man in repointing our front wall so I was glad to escape him!

0.5 miles, 10:47 mins per mile / 4 miles 13 mins per mile

Weekly total 4.5 miles

Tuesday – I ran up to running club’s evening club run and had a lovely time running round with the party pack at the back. At one point I was trying to chase down Trudie and Mary Ellen in the other park, with not enough breath to call them if I was sprinting, and too far away for them to hear if I wasn’t sprinting. It was warm but a lovely run – ran home with Trudie after getting a pic of the four of us. It was so good to be with the girls and feel myself again. Strava saved itself while I had my watch paused for warm up so it split into running there and running round and home.

Look at Mary Ellen’s super new haircut, too!

0.6 miles, 10:55 mins per mile / 4.8 miles, 12:37 mins per mile

Thursday – A very nice canal run with Mary Ellen, who is on school holidays at the moment. We did the shortest possible canal route just to get those lovely boats in and were rewarded with a classic shot.

Narrow boat coming through bridge

I was feeling a bit tired etc so there was some walking and that was fine. Mary Ellen was in the middle of a 10-miler, having dropped her boys off at a summer school and run home from town, and we managed to work our way from the canal up to the rugby club without getting lost!

4 miles, 13:27 mins per mile

Friday – Managed to get back to yoga for the first time in a while. Man did I ache the next day. We did sloooooowwww yoga which is just as hard as going fast!

Saturday – Volunteered at parkrun for the first time in an age – too much club volunteering or officiating on Saturdays! I was barcode scanning (scanning the runner’s barcode and their finish token) and it all went pretty well. Like a greatest hits of parkrun friends, I saw loads of my lovely friends I’ve made through the event, and had a great long cuppa and chat with two of them afterwards. Good times.

Cannon Hill Park was looking very pretty

Sunday – Back to a lovely longer canal run with Trudie, Sonya and Caroline. Caroline was very nifty and walked some of the canal while we somehow did longer loops running, so we came upon her twice after having said goodbye (or au revoir, maybe!) which was fun. It was a blazing hot day so a good one to get some cool shady canal running in.

Kings Norton Junction with Sonya, Trudie and geese

Trudie, Sonya and Liz, taken by Caroline …

Caroline reclining like a supermodel on the guillotine lock – she’d climbed up here to get the previous picture! Photo by Trudie.

Four ladies in the sun, taken by Trudie (on timer). Caroline (my name’s on the back of her tshirt from a race we both did before I knew her!), Sonya, Trudie and me doing a weird pose.

Sonya and Caroline left Trudie and me to carry on past the boatyard and up through the common again, with another perfect way-finding meaning I think I know how to do that route now. How lovely! There was a lot of walking and standing and photographing and you know what, as I said to Trudie, if all my runs are like this forever I won’t be unhappy.

7.6 miles, 14:04 mins per mile

Weekly total 17 miles. Total this year 671 (I needed 666.67 at the end of this month to be on track for my 1,000 miles in a year total)

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