A slightly odd week where I did a longer run than normal on Tuesday.

Tuesday – My friend Sara who is doing the Birmingham Half-Marathon in October, was getting worried about not getting her distance in, so asked if anyone could accompany her on a 9-miler based around the running club’s Tuesday 4 miles. Some of us started with her, some of us finished with her, and I was with her between my house and the park at the end of the club run. We did a version of the other summer club run first then ran round at the back of the run (but still kept to the requisite 14 minute miles or faster required to run the full distance). Sara did her 9 – hooray! – and I got 8.5 miles in, which was frankly odd for a Tuesday evening.

I was getting quite a high heart rate and tired out and then needing to walk quite randomly: this taught me I need to rein things back in for a bit and go back to Jeff Galloway Method, which I did for the rest of the week. No photos taken today!

8.5 miles, 13:29 mins per mile

Thursday – Jenny was free in the early evening and this suited me, too. It ended up just the two of us and we did the Shortest Run We Can Do That Still Includes A Bit of Canal, taking in the lovely Lyon’s Boatyard, which she swears she’s never run past. I worked us up from the canal through the wood and then the Common without getting lost so seem to have worked out that route. Jeffed it 2 mins run / 30 secs walk which kept my heart rate much more under control and me more comfortable.

Lyon’s Boatyard

4.1 miles, 13:30 mins per mile

Saturday – I rarely have a week without volunteering and I had a lovely day out at the Veterans’ League Final in Nottingham with Sparkhill Harriers. All the finals were being run together so all the clubs from the league were there – lots of athletes but also lots of officials more senior than me. So I got to be a body in the field, doing what I was told, which was great! We were down for three events and I helped look after another. This is what I did:

  • Hammer – I stood to the far side of the cage from the competitors, watching for their feet staying inside the circle as they threw and them walking out of the back of the circle when they’d thrown. I had a white and red flag and raised them accordingly.
  • Hammer – I retrieved hammers after they’d landed, being sure to stay out of their way and obeying the safety protocol, and dragged them back to where the competitors would use the stadium’s ones or retrieve their own ones.
  • Long jump – I used the tape to measure the length of the jump and helped watch the take-off board to judge whether it was a good take-off or a foul
  • Javelin – I operated the Electronic Distance Measuring device to measure the length of throws and called out the result to the person calling up and recording.

View of field officials officiating

Sunday – Traditionally long run day but I was already up to what I misremembered as 12 miles (actually 12.6). I jeffed with Jenny (doing a short run), Mary Ellen (doing the end of a long run she’d started early due to family commitments) and Ruth (did slightly longer than me). We did the Shortest Canal etc. route then said goodbye to Jenny, Mary Ellen came with us for a bit longer then it was me and Ruth finishing off around familiar roads.

We were very privileged to come across this heron just as we joined the canal.

You can see the beginning of Lyon’s Boatyard in the distance here. As I took photos, he took off …

Photo of the day: done!

Unfortunately my Garmin watch, usually very trusty, did something to my run file and I can’t get it onto Strava – I’ve tried cleaning it up using software my husband found, but to no avail. Very annoying indeed. Fortunately, my watch was displaying the time spent, distance and pace, so I used that to add a manual record to Strava. And I can see my heart rate data on the Garmin app so can see it didn’t go too high. But no detail which is frustrating. I used the same jeffing strategy although near the end we walked a bit more. It was quite warm.

8.1 miles, 13:34 mins/mile

Weekly total 20.7 miles. My speed has at least been consistent, if not brilliant, and I am feeling more comfortable keeping to the jeffing for now. Total this year 691.7 (I needed 666.67 at the end of this month to be on track for my 1,000 miles in a year total)

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