A decent week with more balance and hopefully some adaptation. What I didn’t do was get many photos!

Tuesday – I was tail-running for our running club run so nipped up to club in time to help greet new runners – the two volunteers have to split duties between us so this time I was doing the warm-up and then letting runners out of the park and on their way in pace groups in a controlled manner (there are loads of us so it gets a bit busy if everyone just streams out). I did my trusty 1, 2, 3, 4 warmup which goes like this with the runners running in a circle around me … and I shout …

  • when I shout 1, clap your hands over your head. 1!
  • when I shout 2, skip three big skips with your arms going strong. 1! [laughter and confusion] 2, 1, 2
  • when I shout 3, do high knees. 2! 2, 1, 2, 3
  • when I shout 4, do arm circles. 1! 4, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1

Then we stop, do hip circles, do lunges in towards me while I pretend to be scared they’re going to get me, then ankle circles, then I try to get them to jog on the spot to keep warmed up.

This always gives people a laugh and includes most of the same stuff but in a different way to the way others do it (I got the idea from my Leadership course).

Anyway, once I’d let them all go I ran at the back, and lovely Ruth stayed with me. It’s getting dark now and I think that’s the last Tuesday run that will go from the park.

0.6 miles, 10:48 mins per mile / 4.1 miles, 14:28 mins per mile / 0.5 miles, 11:45 mins per mile

Wednesday – Managed to go to Dave Yoga and got through everything in the class although the DOMS after were for real!

Thursday – I wanted to do about 5 miles but dillied and dallied and dealt with work … Then I checked and my friend Tara the dog walker and pet sitter was walking some of her charges in the next furthest park away, so I ran down there, met her and her charges – we decided it was Bring My Friend To Work Which Is With Dogs day, as opposed to Bring Your Dog To Work Day – and had a chat and a walk, then ran back. I decided (OK, I was busting for the loo) to push the pace coming back and was pleased my heart rate didn’t get too out of control.

Highbury Park, part of the grounds of Joseph Chamberlain’s house. Lovely and wild and full of birds.

3 miles, 12:08 mins per mile

Friday – I went to Clare Yoga but realised just before that it was going to be a cover teacher. I managed to make myself go still, and it was a good class, although concentrating on the feet, ankles and calves. I knew that would hurt tomorrow, and it did, but there were some good new moves.

Saturday – I kind of had to do my long run today because my husband was around to do the 11am meds for the cat, so I could just come back for the 1pm ones – he was off birdwatching on Sunday. I managed to gather Ruth and Mary Ellen who both wanted to go long, too, and we did my 10-mile Northfield loop, which I haven’t done for ages, as I got a bit sick and tired of it at one point!

Ruth, Mary Ellen, Liz, Trudie (photo by Trudie, with permission).

Trudie manifested in Cotteridge, having used a canny mix of running and buses to find us, and she was with us for a good few miles before popping home. We enjoyed the cooler temps and the slightly turning trees down the Bristol Road and had a peek into Cannon Hill Park on the way past.

Peeking in to Cannon Hill

We went past a lovely haberdashery shop run by the woman who won the first Great British Sewing Bee as we came through Moseley on the way home: this is a typical grand Edwardian house and the display was pretty and autumnal.

Guthrie & Ghani

Mary Ellen said goodbye as she’d done 10 miles and I then took Ruth for a wiggle around the streets to get her to 11 – tried a bit too hard and sent her off at an angle so as not to do too much, then took myself round a loop and went too far AGAIN, so I ended up with 12 miles rather than the 11.7 I was aiming for to round up the week. Not a bad problem to have. I had been jeffing (Jeff Galloway Technique) with Ruth and Mary Ellen at a 1 min run, 30 sec walk ratio, but didn’t have that set on my watch and knocked out an 11:09 final mile which I was pretty pleased with. Longest run since the ultra, I think.

12 miles / 13:25 mins per mile

Weekly total 20.3 miles. Heart rate is adjusting and continuous running doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem. Total this year 712 (I need 750 at the end of this month to be on track for my 1,000 miles in a year total, and I’m still down a few miles on this time last year).

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