A week of not much running, no yoga and one bit of volunteering and a great positive meeting. And a dog picture!

Well, of course I got a cold. I was all set for getting one, wasn’t I – lower mileage for a week or so knocking my immune system, stresses and strains, change of season and weather.

Monday – I’m very glad that Claire and I accidentally went and ran a bit longer than expected given that other running didn’t really happen. We popped over to her partner Sam’s house to let the dog out to do his doggy business, he is such a sweetie, much-loved by his family and liked very much by me. He’s a rescue and when he gets nervous out and about he sort of LEANS on you. Here you go …

The very lovely Kaci

I was pleased with my pace, given that I walked up hills as usual – picking things up a bit (I had a bit of a sprint along the canal!) and the heart rate remaining OK.

6.5 miles, 12:41 mins per mile.

Friday – Sort of feeling better, I went for a lovely long relaxed walk with Claire and Kaci round the local park. The planting is looking amazing and we had a lovely wander and a park ranger gave Kaci a dog treat, which was basically adorable.

Saturday – I went down to Cannon Hill Park for the very start of parkrun, as the Birmingham Samaritans were covering most of the volunteer positions and raising awareness, and I wanted to have a chat with them about my work as a Mental Health Champion and the Run and Talk events.

In the UK, Samaritans offer a free confidential counselling service over the phone, and in various other ways. You can call them free and there is more information here. Samaritans USA is here.

Samaritans are one of the organisations that the Mental Heath Champions system signpost to, via the Mind charity, so I was very pleased to chat about what we do, and pleased they were aware of the MHCs. Sara, the Head Samaritan in Birmingham, kindly gave me some lipsalves to hand out at the running club’s upcoming Run and Talk session and we’ll be talking further about how we can help raise awareness.

Samaritans – free phone 116 123 in the UK

We then had a quick Cannon Hill run and talk in which four of us had a chat and I ended up having a coffee with lovely Ruth.

Sunday – I was supposed to be running down to meet Ruth and Tracie, Ruth was doing a 13.1 distance in training to prepare for her next half-marathon in two weeks’ time. However, I had underestimated how much my cold had gone – it’s not on my chest but congestion much. So I had to call it a day – and then discovered I’d brought none of the three different ways I could pay bus fare (cash, Swift card, cash card). Doh! Fortunately Tracie loaned me a tenner, then I went to the supermarket, picked out some oat milk to get the right change, had to wait 10 minutes for them to allow us to pay for our groceries, then crossed the road and got the bus home.

I did at least get a picture of the middle of the route we run up from the canal, through the woods, across this road and into Billesley Common, with added accidental bus stop garden.

3.1 miles, 13:23 mins per mile (first two miles were under 12 mins per mile)

Weekly total 9.6 miles. Total this year 721.7 (I need 750 at the end of this month to be on track for my 1,000 miles in a year total, and I’m now down 30 miles on this time last year).

weekly-run-down-final-300x300The Weekly Run Down is run by two wonderful running women and joined by lots of other inspirational women. Kim’s weekly wrap is here and Deborah’s is here.