A pleasant week including a lovely Run and Talk activity and even a return to yoga.

Tuesday – I got my own run out of the way in the daytime, literally running some errands and getting in 4.1 miles more quickly than I usually do. Then in the evening, when it was time for running club run, I met up with my fellow Mental Health Champion, Maria, and we ran a low-key and non-threatening but fun Run and Talk activity to coincide with National Mental Health Awareness week.

2019_09_24 MHC

I would have popped my coat off too but I had flouro armbands on for walking home in the dark and got all caught up.

The theme of Run and Talk runs is that it’s sometimes easier to talk when you’re side by side with someone, rather than with eye contact. We were encouraged to base this around men, who are more at risk of losing their lives through suicide and who might traditionally not feel they can talk about depression, anxiety, etc., but we kept it general, although I did mention in my introduction that people might consider using telling a male identifying person at home about the activity to encourage them to open up or talk about talking.

I’d prepared these conversation starters and handed them out as the runners left the school playground where we meet. Maria and I then sheltered from the wet and wild weather in her car and had a chat until the first runners came back in. We then collected the conversation starters and asked how people had found them.

I also gave out the lipsalves the Samaritans had given me at parkrun the other week. We had a happy and enthusiastic response, people enjoyed them and thanked us and had had all sorts of conversations.

Thank you to Kings Heath Running Club for letting us run this session on the “big” club night and for supporting us in our Mental Health Champion work (it’s very much an encouraging and signposting role rather than crisis management and i think club members appreciate us being around).

4.1 miles, 11:37 mins per mile

Wednesday – I made it to Dave Yoga after two weeks off, felt a bit weedy but also noticed that a lack of 14+ mile runs has left me a little less stiff than I’d have expected. I missed yoga on Friday as had a massive work project and prioritised finishing on time over yoga and working after tea.

Thursday – A lovely catch up and run with Sara, who I haven’t seen for a while. She dropped her kids at school and ran to the park; we did a modified summer club route and then made up the miles round the back of the high street – we both got the distance we needed and destressed.

5.6 miles, 12:39 mins per mile

Sunday – A seaside getaway meant I got to run in my happy place – the coast. The weather was wild and woolly and I got damp and salt-scrubbed and a bit muddy, but it was great. Will add some pics next week as I wanted to get an update in this week and haven’t sorted them out yet.

10.3 miles, 13:30 mins per mile

Weekly total a nice tidy 20 miles. Total this year 759.2 (I need 750 at the end of this month to be on track for my 1,000 miles in a year total, and I’m now down 30 miles on this time last year).

weekly-run-down-final-300x300The Weekly Run Down is run by two wonderful running women and joined by lots of other inspirational women. Kim’s weekly wrap is here and Deborah’s is here.