Street Art Simon ArmstrongI was lucky enough to get to read “Street Art” by Simon Armstrong, one of Thames & Hudson’s “Art Essentials” series, from their autumn catalogue for Shiny New Books. I cheekily took it on holiday and read and reviewed it there, but it was a good and entertaining read and didn’t feel like ‘work’! It takes the reader through the whole history of art painted directly on walls from cave painting through the first tagging to increasingly elaborate works and now works of art that are never intended to live outside on buildings and are sold in galleries.

I’m grateful to the publisher for the chance to read the books I have this year (and hopefully going forward) in return for honest reviews. Have a look at my review on Shiny, especially if you’re considering purchasing the book, as my lovely editors have included some marvellous double-page spreads from the book, too! Read more here.

And more books arrive …

I have been following CeeJayKayFit‘s blog for some time now and was excited to read about her plans to publish a health and well-being journal and particularly a strength training / gym journal. As I’ve been looking to get back into doing the 30 day challenge (stretching and looking after yourself) and also my normal strength training, I told her I was planning to buy a copy of the latter after reading about it. She then very kindly got in touch and offered to send me a copy – and in fact copies of BOTH journals arrived yesterday!

Wellness diet fitness goals achievements journal

Goals and achievements journal and Gym log

The Journal has lots of places for recording whatever you want to record – it’s all up to you but there’s spaces for lots, from water drunk to food consumed and exercise taken. Although I wasn’t going to get a copy of this, I have decided after being a lot more active on holiday that I’d like to get 10,000 steps in every day, not just running days, and I want to make sure I keep up nutritious and five-a-day eating, so I am going to give both of them a go. Some images from inside (taken by me):

Inside the Journal

Inside the gym log

They look pretty easy to use but of course I don’t want to start them half-way through a week, so Monday here we come. Thank you to Corinna for sending them to me in return for an honest review once I’ve had a few weeks using them. Find Corinna on Instagram and Twitter at @CeeJayFITT or links to the blog as above.