Back to some decent mileage again and only a week to update with this time … My step count was very variable but I got the right total.

Monday – As I’d run on Saturday, I was able to get a good run in with Claire this morning. Matthew was working from home and keeping an eye on the new cats. We went down to the canal for a nice relaxing route – and do you remember that fallen tree that I posted Claire climbing through one week and a picture of me with it sorted out a bit another week? Well now it’s turned into a nice neat pile of logs on one side of the path and the broken trunk on the other – very efficient!

tidy trees

6 miles, 13:05 mins per mile. 13,746 steps

Tuesday – I was so tired, trying to do work and keep an eye on the kitties, but most of the Sedate Ladies seemed to be going to running club, so I went too. I ran up there and round with Jenny et al, then Jenny kindly offered to miss out the last zig-zag and give me a lift home, too. So I was home early and not quite so tired. Love my running friends!

4.3 miles, 13:03 mins per mile. 10,654 steps

Wednesday – Went to Dave Yoga and managed to actually fall asleep in the relaxation section at the end – I caught myself doing a snore! Oops!

5,886 steps

Oh, and here’s the cat tax …

Willa and Percy

Willa and Percy

Thursday – A lovely dawn run with Jenny and Trudie. We all met at the corner of my and Trudie’s roads then ran Jenny back up to her house, Trudie and I did a loop as the sun came up and the colours were magnificent. It was quite chilly, though.

Trudie, Jenny and Liz, all wrapped up and lit up!

Amazing colours

4.7 miles, 12:49 mins per mile. 11,342 steps

Friday – Very still, working like anything and waiting in for deliveries.

1,294 steps.

Saturday – Our long run happened today as I was officiating on Sunday. Oh, this did get complicated: I was expecting to meet Jenny, Tara and Mary Ellen at my house at 8am, opened the door to see Mary Ellen, Trudie and Caroline running past? Eh? All became clear and off we all set to run Jenny up to her yoga class.

running ladies

Caroline, Jenny, Tara, Trudie, Liz, Mary Ellen. By Caroline, shared with her permission.

We then came back to our area, picked up Ruth on her road at exactly the time we said we would (WIN!) and then dropped Tara off at the park, where she’d parked her car. She got her 6 in for her marathon training – she got a place in the ballot for London. You might remember I was selected as a reserve runner for London in the running club ballot. As the reserve has never run the race yet, I needed to find an alternative as I still have to train up, just in case. I have decided to go for a round the number 11 bus route challenge – 26 miles and I’ve always wanted to do it (I’ve done the Walkathon, which is what it sounds like, and hated it, much harder than any marathon I’ve run!). I hope a few clubmates and friends will join me on the day if I don’t do London.

Anyway, Trudie peeled off, then Caroline, and Ruth, Mary Ellen and I ran down a very familiar out and back – although we did pop down a road “to see where it went,” only to find it went very steeply downhill and turned into a dead end. Oh. Dropped Mary Ellen off at her road then ran back to Ruth’s and I took the long way round to get my 10 (plus) in.

10.3 miles, 13:13 mins per mile. 25,323 steps

Sunday – A slightly chilly middle of the day in Perry Park, officiating at the Young Athletes’ League cross-country. My giant yellow coat came in very handy. I was doing judge recorder (calling out numbers of athletes crossing the line to my partner who was scribing) and one turn at starters’ assisting, keeping a load of excitable U17 Men with their toes behind the white line. A well- and kindly run event as usual, though my heart does always go out to the tiny U11s in their massive vests! We were on the parkland behind Alexander Stadium, which is being refitted for its role in the Commonwealth Games in 2022 – it was really sad to see one stand with its seats gone and the other completely gone.

Remains of Alexander Stadium

Remains of Alexander Stadium

3,988 steps as of 7.15pm

weekly-run-down-final-300x300Weekly total 25.3 miles. Total this year 979 (20 down on this time last year) Total weekly steps 72,233.

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