Another week with some decent mileage – but no yoga due to waiting in for deliveries. Doing my best, though!

Monday – A lovely run with Claire, we took Kaci the dog to Sam’s house on the way and it was hilarious running with him (trot, trot, trot LOOK A BIN, trot, trot, trot MUST WEE, etc.) and we then did a good bit along the canals.

Runner plus dog

Claire and Kaci, excellent running companions

Canal in winter light

Wintry canal

7 miles, 13:02 mins per mile. 15,834 steps

Tuesday – I really did intend to go to club run tonight, especially as Trudie was leading beginners and Claire was tail running. However, the weather was HORRENDOUS – it was pouring with rain and very, very windy. At about the time I was going to go out, this was the view from my window.

Rain from window

So I didn’t

2,168 steps

Wednesday – I had to choose between running and yoga as I had a lot of work on and a webinar to attend at 6pm. As I was missing club’s monthly track session, I made myself do a Varied Efforts session: Warm up (0.4 miles), 10 paces fast as I could, 20 paces recovery (2 miles), recovery (up a hill, walking), 4 x 30 paces fast as I could, 60 paces recovery, thankfully ran into Louise and walked round the park for a few minutes with her, recovered enough to run home briskly. Phew! At 6pm I attended a webinar run for the Mental Health Champions which was very useful, covering What is mental health? Boundary setting, Signposting and Self care.

4.2 miles, 12:06 mins per mile. 11,539 steps

Thursday – Went for a very chilly morning run with Jenny. We took some glum faced photos as her son likes the word glum, but I spotted these already charming cottages, charmingly decorated for Christmas, for my photo of the day.

Cottages with fairy lights

Cottages with fairy lights

4.3 miles, 12:53 mins per mile. 13,075 steps

Friday – I was pleased with how many steps I got in today – before things could start arriving in the post I went to the post office and Iceland the long way round to post a last couple of things and get a pizza for long-run fuelling this evening.

7,009 steps

Saturday – So having confused everyone last week: I have a reserve club place for the London Marathon but the reserve has never run it yet. I’m training up for it then I will go and support friends running on the day and then run around the number 11 bus route, handily 26 miles, with friends accompanying me for bits of it, the next weekend. I had put 11 miles on my plan and Tara, who got a ballot place for London, wanted 8, so we decided to run to the relatively new Oaklands parkrun, round parkrun and some of the way back.

The weather was clear on the way down, if cold – and I’d managed to mismanage my laundry such that I had to wear my long leggings with mesh panels on the backs of my knees. Well I froze running down there, then as we started the (beautifully run with fab volunteers) parkrun, it started to throw freezing rain and strong winds at us. Ugh! It was such hard work. I stuck with Tara and we got round; the park was quite elevated (we had a lovely view across to the city):

park with city view

Oaklands park, city visible in the background

and it was freezing!

Tara and Liz in the rain

Tara and Liz, by Matt. Why am I so hunkered down? To avoid being blown away?

And then, THEN, we had to run another darn 2.2 miles towards home. Well I like to keep it real on my Instagram and this is the fun image of me and Mary Ellen once we got to the bus stop when those miles had been hacked through!

Fun in the bus stop

Be a runner, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

As Mary Ellen pointed out, it would have been more horrible if we’d stopped before we intended. Right?

5.7 miles, 13:02 mins per mile / 3.1 miles, 13:13 mins per mile / 2.2 miles, 13:07 mins per mile. 25,247 steps

I hit my 1,000 miles for the year during this run, although that didn’t register until afterwards.

Sunday – After ColdBacksOfKneesGate yesterday, I nipped into town to buy some thermal running leggings (I couldn’t tell online what had a fuzzy inside). I also took the opportunity to replace my walking around trainers (they have actually broken) and get some more running socks (I have gone through a few toes recently) and get a new yoga outfit (found a massive hole in the back thigh of my main leggings after many years’ use and have never worn the pink t-shirt I bought ages ago (will donate it).

new yoga outfit

new yoga outfit

The top is from the walking section but has a good high neck and seems nice and long so will be suitable for yoga. I’m not very good at treating myself (except to books!) so was pleased with these. I then eschewed one bus after getting the main one to walk up and down to my friend Ali’s house (she’s not well enough to go to our BookCrossing Christmas do so I collected her gifts for our friends and secret santa gift) and added some steps in.

9,976 steps (as of 19.15 tonight)

weekly-run-down-final-300x300Weekly total 26.6 miles. Total this year 1005.6 (TWO UP on this time last year) Total weekly steps 84,848.

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