Well I’m really glad I record my runs on Strava and date my photos when I save them into my folder because I could not remember when I’d run where and with whom when I was thinking about this post! Happy New Year everyone!

What’s your running plan this year? I will be continuing RED January with at least 10,000 steps every day (each and every day, not rounded up for the week!) and will aim to raise some money for MIND, particularly in honour of my lovely friend Verity who is a fundraising star. Then I’ll be supporting the London Marathon and running round the no 11 bus route the weekend after, and running the Canal Canter Marathon in August. I want to try to run 2020 km this year but am aware I might not manage that! About what I ran this year will also do.


I went for a recovery run with Mary Ellen just around the local streets after my long run on Sunday. We saw such an odd thing that I had to ask Mary Ellen to take a photograph – quite a few of the hedges have blocks cut in to show the road name signs, but this one had several sticking-out sections – you can see one in the foreground. And no, I’m not in a wetsuit.One reason for this run was to round Mary Ellen’s annual total up to 750 miles! Considering she has a family and a teaching job, I think that’s pretty impressive. Here is a failed photo of her jumping with joy, but you get the idea!

Well done, Mary Ellen!

3 miles, 12:00 mins per mile. 10,500 steps

Tuesday – New Year’s Eve. Matthew bought a spiraliser and hasn’t cut his finger yet. I must have done a long shopping walk or something as made my miles, but can’t remember what I was doing!

10,421 steps

Wednesday – New Year’s Day, didn’t get to a parkrun this time but instead did 6 miles, starting off meeting Jenny and doing our normal route, then I met up with Sara and Mary Ellen who were just starting out for a slightly later run.

Sara, Liz and Mary Ellen. Thank you Sara for the photo.

I was wearing my Christmas leggings and buff and my RED January tshirt and buff. Ignore the fluffy hair (what AM I going to do to it??). I am doing 10,000 steps every day (not making them up with a long day every now and again) for RED January, rather than Running Every Day, and I’ve set up a fundraising page to raise some money for Mind.

Just after I left the other two, I decided to run around the labyrinth in the town square where we’re standing in the picture.

This is a copy of the design in the middle of the labyrinth (man, I need to get my new trainers relaced and ready to go!)

And this is a good motto for the year ahead (the labyrinth has loads of images and quotes set into it).

6 miles, 13:13 mins per mile. 15,488 steps

Thursday – Having thought I’d made up the final six miles in my TwelveDayMarathon I’ve been doing raising money for local charities to Bernice’s lovely friend Carly, I realised I was 0.1 miles off it. Argh! So I did 4.5 + 0.1 with Mary Ellen. It was REALLY windy. We did the shortest canal route possible – the path was still flooded so we had to detour again. Very sadly we encountered some racist graffiti on our way round and Mary Ellen got it reported to the police and council when we got home, but that really upset me. If I’d had a pen with me I’d have obliterated it there and then. I didn’t take any photos because of that. But we’re decent people and did our bit.

4.6 miles, 12:30 mins per mile. 11,017 miles

Friday – Went to yoga and arranged shopping trips over three separate occasions so I could get my steps in! I found yoga quite hard but am struggling a little with fatigue and headaches caused by coming off some medication I’ve been on for a while (doing that sensibly, don’t worry), however it was good to be there.

10,548 steps

Saturday – Went down to London for the day to meet up with my best friend, Emma, and exchange Christmas presents. Eating and walking with one of her children, Grace, then walked to the other, Sam’s, workplace for a drink and catch-up. Didn’t do as many steps as usual but got them finished with the journey home from the train station. And brought home some lovely gifts!

10,617 steps

Sunday – Fortunately, given the fatigue, this was an “easy” week so I just had 8 miles to do. Met up with Trudie, Ruth and Mary Ellen and we set off, picking up Sonya on the way. The idea was to see some Christmas trees before they’re all taken down, as we hadn’t done Club’s Christmas Tree Route this year – unfortunately this involved some killer hills and we gave up before the third one. Still lovely to be out in the fresh air with lovely ladies.

Kings Norton Green. Two Christmas trees, one person in focus!

Bournville – impossible to capture both me and the star on top of the tree.

We did a bit of touristing around Bournville Green – here are me and Sonya looking in at the Community Hub bookshop. Such a pretty area, it was founded by the Cadbury Family around their chocolate factory, and all the houses and shops are in a similar style.

Sonya, Liz and the bookshop. By Mary Ellen.

Back to Kings Heath and I nearly gave up on the long hill back home – but what was I going to do, really? Got the 8 miles in with some wiggles and pleased with an 11:30 final mile (I needed to get home quickly to use the loo!). Really appreciate my lovely running pals!

8 miles, 13:54 mins per mile. 17,647 steps (as of 18:30)

weekly-run-down-final-300x300Weekly total 21.6 miles. Total this year 18.6 miles (I did 1,056.1 in total last year, beating 2018’s 1,039!) Total weekly steps 86,238.

The Weekly Run Down is run by two wonderful running women and joined by lots of other inspirational women. Kim’s weekly wrap is here and Deborah’s is here.