A decent week although it was odd only running three times in the week. Two yoga classes done so back on that! And back to volunteering, too.

Monday – Went for a run with Claire and finally managed to sort out re-lacing my new shoes (I like to make a loop in the back two holes and thread my laces through to pull my feet back into the heel cups) and putting in the raise in the left, so could wear them. We went in the afternoon for various reasons, which did feel a bit odd, and it was very grey, so even the lovely park was looking exceptionally wintry!

When I got home I found I’d broken in my new(ish) Saucony Hurricane ISOs quite nicely (although they’re still very bright!)

I felt a lot better during and after today’s run, with less fatigue than yesterday’s 8-miler.

5.5 miles, 12:28 mins per mile. 11,319 steps

Tuesday – Met up with Louise for a lovely walk round the park and then walked to meet Matthew (he gets off the bus a good few steps early to get some exercise, both ways to and from work).

Liz and Matthew out night walking

10,471 steps

Wednesday – Back to the routine of Dave Yoga. Then did my errands up the high street in three trips to get my steps in.

11,220 steps

Thursday – I was waiting for a delivery but feeling too tired to do a morning or evening run in the dark and so risk falling through being tired. I ended up having an early breakfast and going out for a lovely run with Sara, meeting Sonya in the park and dropping each person off at their home before I headed home.


Sara, Sonya and Liz, by Sara, with permission

I wore my RED January buff.

5.5 miles, 12:32 mins per mile. 14,295 steps

Friday – Went to Clare yoga – a very full class so it was packed quite tight but we all managed. In the afternoon I met up with my friend Gill for a coffee and to give her some cheese, then walked home the very long way (seeing Louise in the park again and walking home with her), then went and met Matthew again. Doing 10,000 steps every day rather than just getting an average over the week is pretty testing, but it’s good to do a challenge once in a while, right?

10,364 steps

Saturday – Went and helped at Oaklands parkrun in the morning – I was timekeeper, doing it the first time using the app on my phone, which worked really well (although I should have worn gloves with a hole / thin bit to operate your phone through as my hand got a bit cold and I was worried the phone would stop responding. I got a nice pic of the Swan Island on the way home – I have run through here on long runs and been round it on the bus many times and it shows off some of the less “pretty” views I have (which I still love).

Swan Island, Birmingham

Swan Island, Yardley, Birmingham from the bus. Oaklands Park is just behind the building on the left.

I came home after a lovely cuppa and chat with various friends, then in the afternoon went the very long way round to the cafe for a cafe date with Matthew, then finished my steps stomping up and down while doing my Learning Spanish app. The things we do!

10,111 steps

Sunday – Long run day and 14 on the schedule but I was ready to let myself off if I didn’t manage it as I’m pretty tired (not as bad as last week) and I sometimes have to have a few goes at 14/15 for no particular reason. I met Tara after a mile, and we ran down to Acocks Green to meet Tracie. Tracie had then devised a seven-mile route for us which was brilliant as I didn’t really know where I was and could just run along. We revisited the park we’d been to a few weeks ago and had a lovely time. I felt pretty strong, which was great as the last few long runs were quite hard and I was getting a bit worried about my ability to cope with them.

Tracie, Liz and Tara

Tracie, Liz and Tara, Acocks Green

Tara managed 9.5 miles brilliantly and just after we left Tracie, I put her on the bus home – she gave me a wave as she went past. I was just considering the final 3.5 to get done when I saw a vision in purple – it was Trudie, who had done sums and workings-out and predicted she would run into me just where she did. She’d come to run me home and although I’d been expecting to do it alone, it was superb to have her company. Hooray! We took a slightly wiggly way home and my last mile came in as my third-fastest of the day (I accidentally did an 11-minute mile on the way to meet Tara).

Photo taken on the second attempt by Trudie. On the first attempt, she pressed the button and the phone dropped down the back of the cabinet it was balanced on!!! Which is why we’re giggling.

I had a second breakfast, a shower and some snacks, then went to the volunteers’ tea laid on by running club. There was tea and cakes (including a cake baked by the club captain, Barbara, which I can eat – more hooray), a presentation on how volunteering started in club and a questionnaire to get our opinions on how it’s run. I had some good chats with people and it was lovely.

14 miles, 13:47 mins per mile. 31,378 steps as of 18:00

weekly-run-down-final-300x300Weekly total 25 miles. Total this year 43.6 miles. Total weekly steps 99,158.

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