A week that started with a cold and ended with a recovery run after getting my not-doing-a-marathon training plan back on track.

Monday – Wednesday – I didn’t feel too good with the cold but I did model myself on Kim and do in-house work – especially a day where I did 50 double-stair climbs without holding on (equivalent to nice lunges) plus lunges and squats and single-legged squats. I was supposed to support beginners at club run on Tuesday but wasn’t well enough. On Wednesday I went for a walk to photograph my best friend Emma’s old house and got over 5,000 steps in so pleased with that.

Mon – steps not recorded. Tue – 1,419 steps. Wed, 5,486 steps

Thursday – I was down to support our 5k and Beyonders and didn’t want to let them down (esp as leader Lee covered my Tuesday volunteering) so as I felt reasonably OK went up and did it. I supported a lovely woman at the back who achieved more than she thought she would and thanked me effusively – this is why I always say you get more out of volunteering than you put into it! Felt OK and the cold definitely hasn’t gone to my chest (phew). Hadn’t really seen anyone all week so had a nice chat with a few friends and it was great to see Kate out running (gently) after her bunion operation.

0.7 miles, 12:18 mins per mile / 1.5 miles, 14:50 mins per mile / 0.7 miles, 11:00 mins per mile. 8,863 steps

Friday – Went for a walk to meet Tara in the park and do some shopping. Last day of RED January and I have been active every day, so I sponsored myself with a £31 donation to Mind. I did enjoy making myself get out every day but 10,000 steps is sometimes too much (time-wise, mainly!) so I’m going to aim for a baseline of 5,000 at least every day and a weekly total of 70,000 or more. I think that’s fair enough!

5,874 steps

Saturday – Long run day. As I missed last weekend due to my cold, I swapped this rest weekend and headed out for 16 miles (in fact if I look at my schedule it was my second 15 I missed, but never mind, I can take another rest week soonish as I’m slightly ahead now). I was still a bit sniffly though nothing on the chest, so planned a route around the safety of the No 11 bus route (the one I’ll be hopefully running around in early May to use my mara training when I don’t do London because neither club mate has dropped out).

I started out with Mary Ellen and Claire, who both wanted 10 miles. We ran to Acocks Green and met Tracie. I’d already removed my gloves and second buff by then as it was warmer than expected – and with blue skies! We got to Oaklands Park, where I’ve run and volunteered at parkrun, and as expected, parkrun was still going on. I’d half-expected to see Kate in her usual marshalling position at the point on the course nearest the road, but it was our friend Dave so of course we had to have a picture with him!

Runners and volunteer

Dave, Tracie, Mary Ellen, Liz, Claire

Mary Ellen and Claire turned back at that point and got their 10 milers in, taking a little detour into Moseley Bog for some forest bathing as our route had been pretty urban (being along a bus route and all of that!). Tracie and I carried on until I got to 8 miles. Just for those people who talk about the pretty views I have on my runs, here’s a standard sort of view from this one …

Bromford Lane, Hodge HIll

Turning point, Bromford Lane, Hodge Hill, with the motorway in the distance (by the pylon).

Nice blue sky, though.

So we could get a shadow selfie …

Shadow runners

Liz and Tracie as shadows

We ran back to Acocks Green with Tracie making her 11 miles. Hooray! She’d been poorly with a stomach upset in the week so really good going. I then pressed on back home – I was tired and also TIRED of blowing my blasted nose and did message husband and the running ladies at 13.25 miles to say argghhh. I also took this sad pic of myself which I posted on Instagram as a sort of #nofilter reality of running/mara training …

Liz looking sad

Liz looking sad, somewhere in Hall Green (I bet Facebook chooses to share this picture when I post it).

But I pressed on and picked up a bit of pace, too, because I wanted it over with! It was really windy for the last bit, too – urgh! I got home just on the 16 miles – not feeling brilliant and maybe I shouldn’t have pushed it but I did go fairly sedately in the middle bit and although tired, I am OK.

16 miles, 13:34 mins per mile. 34,992 steps.

Sunday – I knew I should do a recovery run as it would help, and lovely Caroline said she’d come with me. We did a 3.6 mile (I was on 18.9 for the week; we all do this, right?). We did the canal route but came off it a bit early and did a different corner of the bottom woods, then took a diversion through the nature reserve at the bottom of Billesley Common (where I walked with Matthew the other weekend) and were privileged to see the heron again. So a nice nature pic to finish things off. And I did feel better for it.

Heron in nature reserve

Heron in nature reserve

I had a walk round the shops on the high street to get some supplies after I’d got home and showered – mainly for snacks, as I was low on stuff to have after long runs. It’s hard for me to find snacks that stick to my cholesterol-lowering regime of low saturated fat but I found some muesli bars and belvita breakfast biscuits that will help (once I’m running over 14 miles, I really don’t fancy a large lunch afterwards, so tend to have a second breakfast, snack through the afternoon then a proper dinner. But I have to be careful to make sure I take in enough recovery calories).

3.6 miles, 13:10 mins per mile. 12,851 steps

weekly-run-down-final-300x300Weekly total 22.5 miles. Total this year 99.6 miles (I have said goodbye to my 2020 km plan for the year and accepted that). Total weekly steps 69,485 as of 19.15pm so I will have hit my 70,000 for the week!).

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