After a bit of a sad post last week, I’m back up to running properly and reasonably freely and happily, and back up to a decent distance again after some fairly weak and weedy attempts. And of course I feel better for it. I haven’t been recording my steps every day or trying to get to 70,000 for the week every week because sometimes you have to let go of some stuff and be kind to yourself – right? US readers, please have a look at the end of this post, just above my mileage stats, in case you’re anywhere near Ben the 401 Marathons Runner’s challenge.

Tuesday – Went the long way round to running club, to drop some cheese off to Ruth first. We ran to the meet-up point together but I ended up running with Caroline for a lot of the way. It was very cold and wet, with rain turning into great big snowflakes just when we were at one of the furthest points from my house – it was like running into a snowglobe for a bit. My glasses seemed to catch snow and rain inside and out, and even though I was wearing my fairly powerful chest light, I got a bit panicky at one point that I just Could Not See, and I had to stop and wipe the inside of my glasses! It felt a bit better after that, and then I ran part of the way home with Ruth then off on my own for the last bit. I was home alone at the start of the week, with Matthew in Romania for work, so things were a bit challenging (sole control of the cats, though with a cat sitter friend coming in to help with the midday feed as she was covering the evening feed on Thursday) but I slept well once I’d got warm! No photographs, oddly enough! 6.2 miles was quite a lot for me for an evening run!

1.5 miles, 11:45 mins per mile / 4.7 miles, 12:41 mins per mile

Friday – Got in a lunchtime run with Claire, during which we got very cross that it was so very, very puddly and muddy. We did the 4 mile canal route and skipped the bit in the wood where we knew there’d be a flood but there was so much water everywhere else, with lots of sighing and getting soggy socks.

We stopped to take a selfie at the end, and as I adjusted my RED January buff to show the pattern off better, soaking wet, freezing material slapped against my neck and freezing water ran inside my top – and I jumped and pressed the button for what is basically my photo of the year so far.

Liz and Claire4.1 miles, 13:25 mins per mile

Saturday – This had to be long run day for various reasons and I wanted to get out early, so I met Mary Ellen at 7.30 am then we ran up to fetch Jenny, who we haven’t run with for ages – lovely to see her again. We ran her down to yoga then picked up Ruth, who we ran back down to Kings Heath. Then we had about 7 miles to do so ran up to the park – in fact, we managed to run in Kings Heath, Swanshurst and Highbury parks, so got some good nature and birdsong in, which was lovely. Conditions were challenging though – damp underfoot and cold, with wind and rain (I did say, “At least it’s not hailing” and it DID actually hail just after we got home). But soooo typical, we got back and the sun came out, with blue skies. I managed 10 miles to round up my week to the usual, and Mary Ellen did 10.5 to get over 18 for the week – good work!

Mary Ellen and Liz - blue skies

Blue skies! Photo by Mary Ellen.

10 miles, 13:13 mins per mile.

That was the furthest I’d run for weeks and weeks, so I was happy with the distance and the pace and not feeling too bad for it. Even better, my weekly total tipped my yearly total for Ben the 401 Runner’s USA challenge distance challenge over 1,000 miles for March-March, so I will get the 1,000 mile t-shirt. I wasn’t sure I’d make it for a while, so very pleased. More info on Ben’s own challenge here. If you’re in the US, maybe you’re on one of his cycle routes or in one of the cities he’s running in!

weekly-run-down-final-300x300Weekly total 20.3 miles. Total this year 166.4 miles (I have said goodbye to my 2020 km plan for the year but am only 2 miles off track for 1,000 miles in the calendar year).

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