Well here’s a surprise – I’ve been on holiday since I last posted (in fact, I pre-published my last Sunday’s post when I was already in Gran Canaria. So I had some lovely runs while I was there and having the marathon pressure reduced meant I just did 3-4 miles each time, enjoying a pre-breakfast run which didn’t get in the way of the main event of … um … lounging around and reading. Ha! I didn’t take many pics so not the longest post in the world this time, but we’re both feeling good for a burst of sun and although the kitties didn’t LOVE their time at the cattery (apparently spending all day squished into their bed together) they have settled back into home very well. We gave them some extra time in the cattery and did a lot of clearing out and cat-proofing, so the house feels lighter and nicer and safer and I hope I’ll be able to stay relaxed.

Monday – I had a lovely dawn run, watching the sun come up over the sea, something I love to do. I went all round the coast on this path with its interesting tiles (it’s a fertility figure called the Tara Idol, honest!)

Tara Idol Telde tiles

They did get a bit slippy in places but I managed. Oh, and this was our road from the level of the coastal path – GREAT for stretching out the backs of your legs as you walked back up!

Our street

We were staying in a completely non-touristy part of Telde in Gran Canaria, which was great for our Spanish, and we ate in our house or at local restaurants very healthily, fresh fish and veg and my favourite, Canarian potatoes.

OK, here’s the sunrise over a typical view across the lava rocks to the sea.

3.1 miles, 11:56 mins per mile

Tuesday – Another pre-breakfast run, this time less scenic as I ran inland to look for a supermarket we didn’t think was that far away (it was), past a wasteland that unnerved me a bit (I pretended I was a badass ultra runner running across the island: there actually was an ultra there the day after we got home!) and past a desalination plant, then back. Pics were too depressing!

3.7 miles, 12:41 mins per mile (lots of uphills!)

Thursday – Back along the sea front to La Garita again and the blowhole, El Bufadera (not a massively impressive blowhole so not great pics). I set off a bit earlier and unnerved myself by it being pretty well dark, however there were still lots of cheery folk out walking and running so all was fine. I pushed it on the way back to get a faster pace.

3.2 miles, 11:30 mins per mile

We did a lot of walking among all this, as the nearest supermarket was 1 mile away and we walked a good mile there and back to the local town for lunch, and 1.5 miles to a hypermarket where we had fun learning the Spanish words for lots of things. So a good active holiday and you’ll be seeing more book reviews in the coming week, too! We flew home Friday.

Sunday – I wanted to round my miles up for the week so a few of us went out to support Tracie and Tara in their marathon training (Tara is doing London: we have no idea if they’re going to cancel at the minute but I have committed to re-planning my round the 11 route marathon with Tara if she doesn’t get to do London) and Fay who has a half coming up. So Tracie and Tara did 15 and 16 miles (their longest yet), Fay did 10, Mary Ellen did 11 something and Caroline joined us for the first bit and got 5 in in total. Our usual sedate lady way of supporting our marathon trainers when we’re not all doing the distance.

Tara, Fay, Caroline, Mary Ellen (next to my ear), me, Tracie

We did my 10 mile loop through Northfield and down the Bristol Road to the cricket ground – I haven’t done that route for ages as I got sick of it after the Birmingham marathon, and enjoyed telling tales of my life along the route when I was a student! Our ladies did well and it was a privilege to help them round, building resilience as they went.

10.6 miles, 14:06 mins per mile

weekly-run-down-final-300x300Weekly total 20.6 miles. Total this year 187 miles (I need to reach 250 this month to be on track for 1,000 miles in the year).

The Weekly Run Down is run by two wonderful running women and joined by lots of other inspirational women. Kim’s weekly wrap is here and Deborah’s is here.