Well it has been an odd week, hasn’t it? Races cancelled or postponed as the week has progressed, with some still to find out about – I know I have felt relieved once I’ve known. I had none booked but plans to support London Marathon for example. Tara who was doing London is taking it in her stride and planning on a longer training period and more strengthening; others I know will be running round the bus route on the day to use their training (I will go out and cheer them from my front door!). I managed to get normal running in this week. There is no lockdown in the UK and we are showing no symptoms, although we are isolating ourselves to an extent and certainly not visiting any immuno-compromised or at-risk friends and family, esp as we travel by public transport. Non-running pleasing stuff below but let’s have some running.

Tuesday – I decided to go to running club, in case meetups of over x number get cancelled, and had a good time trotting around, meeting a new runner to club, Ellie, and going all macho and running all the way up Feck Hill, which I don’t usually bother with. Good to see various friends and clubmates.

0.6 miles, 11:02 mins per mile (late, in a rush, me?) / 4.7 miles, 12:35 mins per mile

Wednesday – I ran with Claire, doing two medium length runs with only a light tea and breakfast between them, but Claire could only do today, not tomorrow and I wanted to run with her. We did a common canal route but THE OTHER DIRECTION, going through the rugby club grounds, getting onto the canal then following it round to Broad Lane. Shocking! And to follow that rather punningly, I’d never noticed this huge, fine pylon going the other way!

Oh, remember that FORD you all got worried about that time, the water feature in the road? Flooded again in the storms the other weekend and not one but two cars got stuck in it!

5.7 miles, 12:37 mins per mile

Saturday – At the time, our marathon runners were planning long, long runs, and Mary Ellen and I were planning to do the middle of Tara’s 18-er on Saturday. London cancelled, Tara decided to meet near our houses and do the 13. We were very safe – run to parkrun, run small parkrun, run home, no public transport etc!

We ran to Oaklands parkrun, ran Oaklands parkrun and, having gathered Trudie at Oaklands, ran back to Kings Heath. Lots of worrying and planning and being sad at other people’s panic-buying in the week meant we got more and more tired (also I hadn’t run over 10.6 miles since my 16 on 2 Feb so it was quite an ask of myself!), but we pushed through and got the distance (13.6 for me). It was lovely, anyway, to be out in the fresh air, with friends, and it feels like parkrun here might get cancelled for a bit (other countries have done this; they will do it country-wide if they do to prevent people overwhelming smaller ones with large groups).

It was my lovely friend Kate’s 100th parkrun so I went in club colours, displaying my name to all, hooray, as I have it on all my club shirts. A couple of runners did call my name when we were on the way home and a woman from another group I’m in recognised me!

Tara, Mary Ellen, Rachael, Trudie, Liz

Special shout-out to Jessie at The Right Fits, who also has this breed, here is Fay’s vizsla, Ziggy, who joined us at parkrun.

Ziggy the vizsla


5.1 miles, 13:32 mins per mile / 3.16 mi, 13:21 mins per mile / 5.3 miles, 14:12 mins per mile

Positives for this week: we have decided to run together, carefully, as long as we can. Keeping our distance, greeting with namaste, touching traffic light buttons with an elbow and carrying hand sanitiser. If one of us falls, we will look after them, not trust to a stranger, and we will not run if unwell at all. And will run early or late and in non-crowded areas.

Other positives: the food bank donation box is now overflowing in our local supermarket, after it went really low and there was a national shortage of food bank food (of course, I popped a load in mid-week); and our suburb now has a COVID-19 volunteer group and a WhatsApp group for our street, where about ten of us on just our street are leafleting with our phone numbers and hoping to be able to support anyone vulnerable or self-isolating with food and meds runs. This feels like a lovely positive step at a time where we’ve seen a lot of selfishness.

Hope you are all OK, dear readers, and you don’t need to answer that or go over it if you don’t want to. Stay well!

weekly-run-down-final-300x300Weekly total 24.6 miles. Total this year 211.8 miles (I need to reach 250 this month to be on track for 1,000 miles in the year).

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