Photo by Claire posted with her permission of us social distancing (we were usually way further apart than this) on our last group run.

A really quick update mainly to link up with the usual link-up.

I’ve been running this week with one to five sedate lady running friends, keeping our distance nicely, and that’s been lovely and we’ve seen friends and chatted from a distance and said hello and waved.

But people are behaving poorly over here, gathering in big groups, rushing to the parks and landscape and seaside. We don’t want to be a part of that.

People here are being selfish in the shops, too. We have just about the time and money to be able to go around searching for stuff and to get the slightly more expensive versions. Many people can’t.

I wasn’t a woolly idealist but the selfishness is devastating to me.

Yes, I am volunteering in my street’s support group and we have put a rainbow in our window we made during an hour we concentrated on crafting. But it feels like not enough positive.

So: Matthew and I will continue walking together and looking at rainbows in windows. We runners are going to run in at most pairs on opposite pavements at quiet times. We here are digging out our cross-trainer from the mess in the spare office and setting it up again.

I have work, Matthew is working from home, we have stocks for the moment and plenty to do, plus lovely cats. We have friends to talk to and we are looking after people as best we can.

But I have had to limit news to one view of the BBC website a day, after the press conference from the govt. I have cut down massively on looking at Facebook and other social media. Many book bloggers are concentrating on book reviews and that’s brilliant and I will continue to read and write those. Running bloggers of necessity are talking about this because it affects us and …

I am sorry if I don’t read and comment on your blog for a bit. I still love, admire and support you, and if you want to say hi or reach out I have a contact form with my email address on this blog. And I’m on Strava, tho you need to request me! But I just can’t read about the empty shelves and the panic and the selfishness. I’m so sorry if it impacts you. If you’re a key worker I salute and thank you. If you are looking after your dear self and others, I send you much love. This is the way I’m cushioning myself and I know you will understand we all need to react differently.

See you when this is over. We will get through this in our different ways.

weekly-run-down-final-300x300Weekly total 22.6 miles. Total this year 234.4 miles (I need to reach 250 this month to be on track for 1,000 miles in the year).

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