On my state of the TBR April post, I shared a picture of the whole of my TBR and asked if anyone fancied reading along with me. Alongside plans hatched with a few friends outside blogging, I now have A Plan.

The books

Helen Lewis – “Difficult Women” – A history of feminism in 11 fights, my friends Linda and Emma have copies and are going to read along with me. I’ll be reviewing it both here and for Shiny New Books.

Diana Wynne Jones – “Howl’s Moving Castle” – Elle from Elle Thinks fancied a re-read of this one and it’s up next on the fiction front, after I’ve finished my Ada Leverson. ETA Lory was also considering reading this one.

Margot Lee Shetterly – “Hidden Figures” – Louise from my photo-a-day group felt like going for this one (I think on audio book) so I’ve pulled it off the shelf. The non-fiction story of the black women mathematicians of NASA on whom they based the film. ETA Wandering Cranes is looking at reading this one.

Willa Cather – “My Antonia” – Elle requested this one and Bill from The Australian Legend is also planning to join in (he’s reading the first two in her Pioneer series first so I hope I’m leaving him enough time to get those done!)

Simon Barnes – “Rewild Yourself” – about how you can get nature coming back into your garden and life. Emma has this one (I bought it for her!) so we’ll do that at some time nearer the end of the month. ETA Wandering Cranes and Claire are thinking about reading this one. Hope they get to join in!

The schedule

6-12 April – “Difficult Women” and “Howl’s Moving Castle”

13-19 April – “Hidden Figures” and “My Antonia”

27 April – 3 May – “Rewild Yourself”

How it will work

I don’t have the bandwith for anything fancy. So I’m proposing that I read and review on here, and people add their comments and links to their blogs, if they’re bloggers, and I will link to their reviews, too. That worked well for my Iris Murdoch readalong so fingers crossed it will work here, too.

If you’d like to join in with any of these, please say so in the comments – but there are no rules and no expectations, just a desire to draw people closer together, somehow. Happy reading!