A nice, gentle read from NetGalley, just the thing for a quiet weekend. It’s a  bit more modern than the cute cover implies, I think, although it is set in a Cotswold village.

Jaimie Admans – “The Little Bookshop of Love Stories”

(29 April 2020)

Hallie, who always thinks of herself as attracting bad luck, and bad luck only (and there’s a fairly squicky opening scene as she loses yet another job, which does not set the tone for the book as a whole), suddenly wins a bookshop in a raffle – in fact, her favourite bookshop – and thinks her luck has changed … until she remembers she doesn’t know how to run a business, she takes a look at the state of the finances, and a slimy property developer starts sniffing around.

But lovely artist Dimitri with his sad back story seems to be always around to help, the bookshop has some fans already and makes some more, and when they realise the previous owner had purposely filled the second-hand part of the bookshelves with books with notes written in them, they find a way to turn the shop’s fortunes around, especially if they can reunite some of the books with their former owners. But will Hallie ever get close to Dimitri or get the shop to turn a profit?

There’s lots of nice detail about learning to run the shop, and good comedy value from Hallie’s mum, always on the hunt for a man for her daughter. There’s also a BookCrossing-esque scheme to leave books for people to find, which is always nice. A feel-good read that is nicely done.

This book was published on 08 May. Thank you to HQ Digital for making this book available to me via NetGalley in return for an honest review.