I’m really excited to say that with this book I’ve jumped into 2019 acquisitions for this month. My intent with my #20BooksOfSummer challenge this year was to clear out books acquired in 2018 from the TBR that had been sitting there forever at the start of the shelf. And now all there is there is Viragoes and Persephones, some of which are still from 2018, which I will read in August. So achievement has been accomplished and I’m really pleased to have moved things along.

Here we have a small volume which Gill kindly gave me for my birthday last year. I really like American cosy mysteries set in quilting shops and the like, and came across my first one in this Southern Sisters series, “Murder on a Bad Hair Day” at a BookCrossing meetup in Shrewsbury (as you do!), read it back in 2009 and popped all the others on my wishlist. You can get hold of them at the moment and I’m tempted to pick up the rest of them, although I don’t think I ever finished the Benni Harper quilting mysteries, either!

Anne George – “Murder Runs in the Family”

(21 January 2019 – from Gill)

A Southern Sisters mystery, set in Birmingham, Alabama (a place I have actually visited – and when I moved to Birmingham, UK, quite a few people thought I was moving there, as the company I worked for at the time had its headquarters there!) that finds sisters Mouse and Sister investigating the death of a distant relative of Sister’s new son-in-law, a genealogist in an apparently dog-eat-dog world who has a lot of enemies. Meanwhile, Sister has an elderly new beau and Patricia Anne’s husband of 40 years is having business worries, while their daughter is seeing someone new – could be be that precious jewel in the humid South, a sinus doctor?

I love how Meg, the murder victim, has sisters named after the rest of the March girls from “Little Women” and when she, or later others, refer to them and reach Beth, their listener murmurs, “Oh, no”. So funny (she’s fine and lives in Hawaii) and I love those little touches in a well-written and fun little novel

This was Book 9 in my 20 Books Of Summer project.

I’m currently reading Book 10 in the project, “Literary Landscapes”, and then I think it’s time for my next Paul Magrs, “All the Rage”.