A decent if unexciting week of running, with weirdly consistent pacing in my pre-breakfast runs (completely unintentional) and bling (and chocolate!) in the post on Saturday.

Tuesday – I had to run samples from the cats down to the vets this morning (they are fine, we suspect one has a small parasitic issue which will be sorted with antibiotics; he’s affected by it so infrequently that it’s been hard to track it all down. No results yet but they should come next week) so I wrapped the tubes up very carefully and popped them double bagged into my running belt, in the back pocket. I’ve fallen several times in my running career but never on my back, so I thought it was safe and ran very gingerly (and unscathed) the 0.7 miles down there, gave them in, then resumed my run feeling lighter in all ways! I wasn’t that early but the main park was OK and the flowers beautiful. Be thankful everyone got THIS picture for my pic of the day!Flower in KH Park

4.5 miles, 11:14 mins per mile

Wednesday – Just like last week, an unremarkable and drizzly morning run. I did take this photo of a funny art installation thing on the corner of a nearby street – the house belongs to a professional story-teller and there’s an ever-rotating cast of oddities. Plus a mirror – so one more oddity is just visible!

5.3 miles, 11:16 mins per mile

Friday – I had intended to run through our three local parks on Wednesday but diverted for some reason, so did Swanshurst (the usual favourite), Highbury (the “nice” direction through the park, downhill most of the way) and Kings Heath (again). I went out at 6am and although the sun had actually risen more than this photo implies, it was still dawny out there as the seasons draw on. Soon I’ll be able to get actual sunrise photos again, as I’ve got very used to my pre-breakfast running routine now.

5.2 miles, 11:14 mins per mile

Saturday – I had NOT slept well as there was a disturbance out on the street just as I was going to bed, and even though I did get to sleep I was all jittery. I woke early enough to start early, though: I’d planned 5 miles before meeting my friends at 9, but only managed 4.5. I went out too fast in a panic to get the pre-run down then inevitably blew up a couple of miles later. Managed to get my head straight enough to amend my route and got to meet the others in time in the end. Then we did a big loop devised by Ruth – she and Mary Ellen were headed for 9 miles in total and Trudie was doing what she fancied (the route was quite close to home a number of times to help us peel off) as she’d done a big virtual race week the week before.

Lovely to see the others and I had a nice adventure photographing some ginormous artichokes in a woman’s garden – while I was photographing them, the owner came down the road – but she was happy for me to do it and said they were somewhat of a local talking point! She chatted amiably to me and Trudie then we got going again.

We said goodbye at the pub and Trudie and I made our way home. I had nine miles rather than ten but was happy with that and with my total for the week given how tired I was (there may have been a nap before lunch).

Trudie, Mary Ellen, Ruth, Liz, by Trudie and posted with her permission. I was balancing on one leg in hamming format rather than desperately pleading for something, but managed not to get in the frame!

9 miles, 12:16 mins per mile

Later in the day, the post came with my goodies from the virtual chocolate 10K I did with Mary Ellen’s support last week. I had submitted my evidence (a screen shot of my Strava record) to the organiser, and was very pleased to receive a thank you letter with a certificate on the back, a little card, three chocolate bars and that all-important medal in the shape 9and colour!) of a splash of chocolate and a chocolate bar!

Although the medal and its lanyard said “5k & 10k” the certificate was clear it was 10k I did and I thought that was a nice touch (and I completely understood why they had one medal). I really enjoyed doing this virtual race and would recommend it for its great organisation. Well done to the events manager, Laura Nash!

weekly-run-down-final-300x300Weekly total 24 miles. Total this year 603 miles (I needed to reach 583.4 this month to be on track for 1,000 miles in the year. I’m still beating 2018 and 2019 me at the moment!).

The Weekly Run Down is run by two wonderful running women and joined by lots of other inspirational women. Kim’s weekly wrap is here and Deborah’s is here.