I suddenly realised I’d forgotten to post the next quarter’s TBR Challenge update photo and calculation – amazingly (or not really, as there were fewer books involved) I have managed to keep track with the calculations this time.

So (having replaced the three books (two reviewed, one not yet reviewed) that I’ve removed from the TBR challenge pile this month before I remembered I hadn’t photographed them, we end up with this:

To remind readers, I was set a challenge to read everything up to and including Dave Grohl’s “Storytelling” by the anniversary of it arriving (on my husband’s birthday), so 05 October 2022. I read 12 out of the remaining 53 during Q2, which is not amazing but not terrible (four per month, even I can work that out).

You can compare it with the start of Q2 pictured here on the TBR challenge page. I had 41 books left at the start of April 2022 which leaves me with just under 7 books to read per month to hit my target. I have read three this month already, though, so we’re getting … somewhere.