Look at me, whizzing down my 20 Books of Summer project is going well (intro post here)! This is my fifth book, I’ve finished the sixth, too (review hopefully tomorrow) and I’m reading my seventh, too, which means I’m actually on track with the project for the time being!

I don’t actually know when I acquired this one, as I neglected to write a note in it, but some time between Christmas 2020 and the next batch of buys in May 2021. So a mystery, but at least I’m getting towards only being a year behind myself, right?

Elton John – “Me”

(2021, gift)

That’s the thing about success. It gives you a licence to misbehave, a licence that doesn’t get revoked until your success dries up completely, or you man up and decide to hand it in yourself. And for the time being, there was no danger of either of those things happening to me. (p. 184)

So I keep going back [to Russia], and every time I do, I say something onstage about homophobia or gay rights. Sometimes a few people walk out, but the vast majority applaud, I owe it to the Russian people to keep doing that. I owe it to myself. (p. 172)

Acclaimed and excellent, it seems like everyone has read this one, but at least I ended up with the paperback with the additional chapter! There’s not much I can really say about this, I find. It’s the open, honest, warts-and-all, hugely funny but also moving autobiography you’d hope for from this much-loved entertainer, lauded song writer and good friend to both stars and ordinary people. He really doesn’t hold back at all, accepting his negative personality traits, bad behaviour when addicted and family difficulties. Ably steered by Alexis Petridis, we navigate through his life in an easy to grasp chronological order, and there’s a nice amount of detail about his friendships and especially his deep friendship and writing partnership with Bernie Taupin.

There’s a wealth of photographs in three sections of plates, as well as inside and outside the front and back covers, and information about the making of the albums as well as scurrilous gossip about other musicians, the royal family, etc. The two quotations I share at the start of this review kind of sum up the book – he sees his faults with a clear eye and accepts his mistakes; he’s committed to helping and supporting others. Long may he continue.

This was book number 5 in my 20 Books of Summer 2022!

This was also TBR Challenge 2021-22 Quarter 3 Book 12/41 – 29 to go.