I’m a bit late with this update but it reflects the reality at the start of the month, as this time I remembered to get all my TBR challenge books out and put them on the floor! Note: I’ve laid them out in the same way since the beginning, so it should show the progress nicely.

To remind readers, I was set a challenge to read everything up to and including Dave Grohl’s “Storytelling” by the anniversary of it arriving (on my husband’s birthday), so 05 October 2022. I read 13 out of the remaining 41 during Q3, which is not amazing but not terrible (just over four per month).

So coming into the fourth quarter, this is what we have:

That’s 27 books left to finish, which is 9 per month (although I do have 1-4 October to read them in, too!), up from the half-way point of 7 per month but not totally impossible.

Start of Q3 in April looked like this:

The start of Q2 looked like this, with 53 books:

And the start of the whole thing back in October 2021 with its 85 books like this: