Having so many NetGalley reads published in July, I was pleased I managed to start this fun novel last month and got it finished fairly quickly. I’d read and reviewed Kerr’s last novel, “Meet me Under the Northern Lights“, and the lovely publicity person for One More Chapter, Sara, contacted me to see if I’d like to read this one: yes please! This is a perfect holiday read but fun at any time of year, too.

Emily Kerr – “Take a Chance on Greece”

(31 May 2022, NetGalley)

“I hate to interrupt the heart-to-heart, ladies, but I’ve got a very important question to ask.” She paused and looked me squarely in the face. “Lydia Evans, who is Andreas, what makes him awesome, and why do you now have his name tattooed on your lower back?”

Lydia is a rather staid accountant with an even more boring (and, it turns out, controlling) boyfriend on her way back from a girls’ holiday to Kefalonia when she discovers she has a mystery tattoo, of all things, reading “Awesome Andreas”. Circumstances dictate that she’s soon back on the island, trying to track down the mysterious Andreas: I love that Kerr once again fleshes out all the details of what she does to settle herself down, get herself a job, do her laundry and make friends in the local community, so the novel, while an escapist and full read, gets rooted in reality and practicality – I really like this in a book.

I love the community aspect of this book, and also the super descriptions which really make you want to go to Greece. Lydia’s main friend on the island, a lovely bookseller, is kind and respectful, unlike some of the other men she hilariously meets; maybe she’s looking in slightly the wrong places.

The plot is well-done; of course you know who she’s going to end up with but how’s she going to get there and will she learn to hoover quickly? A good read with stable roots, and also a good friendship group for Lydia back home, connected via modern means and giving humour and support to proceedings.

Thank you for One More Chapter for offering me this book to read via NetGalley in return for an honest review. “Take a Chance on Greece” was published on 1 July 2022.