Looking at my TBR shelf and noting little runs of paperbacks from Dean Street Press, the indie publisher devoted to finding and republishing good fiction and non-fiction , I had an idea … What if I did a Dean Street Press December challenge, reading as many of my outstanding titles as I could (mainly Furrowed Middlebrow reprints but also an enticing e-book)? And what if I invited other people to join in?

How will it work?

So, here’s how it will work. On 1 December I will publish a start-off post where I invite other readers to share links to the books they read during the month. Read your book(s) and comment on the post with a link to your blog post, Goodreads review or other place where you’ve written about your read. I will also read and review books during the month and add my own links; please also feel free to chat about those books and visit other people’s links during the month and afterwards.

What if I don’t have an online presence?

If you don’t post about your reading online but want to join in, please send in a short review via my Contact Form and I’ll post a digest of your offline reviews at the end of the month.

Where can we see the links to our reviews?

I will update the start-off post with a list of the books read and links to your reviews, so we have a lovely big list by the end of the month.

Do bear with me!

I’m doing this on my own and I do work full time and volunteer, so please bear with me if I take a day or so to post up your review!

Ready to go?

Are you in? Link to this post if you want to talk about it in the run-up, and use the hashtag #DeanStreetDecember on social media through the month!