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Book review – George Eliot – “Scenes of Clerical Life” #20BooksOfSummer #amreading


Alas, I fear my cunning plan to leave review books (Shiny and NetGalley) off my 20BooksOfSummer pile is not doing me any favours (did anyone see THAT coming??). So far this month, I’ve read and reviewed eight books, of which three were NetGalley review reads, one was for a Shiny / here joint review, one […]

GEORGE ELIOT – The Lifted Veil

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27 Feb 2010 – Methodist Book Sale I spotted this Virago at the Methodist book sale (we’re going to have a few from there over the next month!) and realised it was an Eliot I’d heard nothing about.  A minor work, and short even for a novella, this was apparently seen as embarrassing by Eliot’s publisher during […]

GEORGE ELIOT – Middlemarch


Bought 20 Aug 2007 (Oxfam, Kings Heath) I haven’t read this since my University days. It warrented proper, solid blocks of reading, and was an excellent holiday read. When I first read it, I thought it was about three romances, the web of society, and women’s place. Now, I think it’s about inheritance, business, politics, […]

Book review – Benjamin Zephaniah, The Life and Rhymes of Benjamin Zephaniah: The Autobiography #amreading


A wonderful book bought only recently (you can just see it behind the pink and black Thirkell in the pic), but read out of order because a) I wanted to and b) I offered to submit a review to Shiny New Books. That will be published later (I’ll link to it here as usual) and […]

State of the TBR June 2018 and #20BooksOfSummer TBR


Hooray, it’s that time of year when we all put our 20BooksOfSummer TBR piles together – I like to know where I am before I start taking the front of my TBR into it, so always save it up until the last minute to plan. First of all, though, here’s the current state of the […]

Dewey’s 24-hour readathon is here and I’m taking part for the first time! #readathon


Well, this is exciting! I’ve decided to take part in Dewey’s 24-hour Readathon (read more here) because at the time I thought I’d have time to just READ from 1pm on Saturday to 1pm on Sunday (not for 24 hours. though). Well, it looks like I’ll have to do some work and I’ll be travelling […]

Iris Murdoch Society Conference 2017 – University of Chichester @IrisMurdoch #IMGandT


Last night I got back from the marvellous Iris Murdoch Society Conference and I thought I’d share my experience of it here. I hope you enjoy, and sorry if I left anyone out. Thursday – getting there / guided tour I set off from Birmingham after an exhausting three days of hard work and long […]

Book review – Adam Nicolson – “When God Spoke English” and some book confessions #20booksofsummer #amreading


I’m rattling through those 20BooksOfSummer books although I’m not sure I’ll get all the non-Viragoes done by the end of Monday. I have got a bus journey and post-long-run lolling to do tomorrow, though, so you never know. I popped to the local town centre of Solihull today to buy (oh, the thrills) my special […]

Top Ten Books of the Year 2016 (and reading report)


Well, the TBR started the year as above and (sneak preview) finished it like this, so that’s some progress, right? In 2016 I read 126 books in total (up from 115 in 2015): 77 of them were fiction (83 in 2015) and 49 non-fiction (32 in 2015) and I had 6 Did Not Finishes (3 […]

Book review – Silas Marner


After that brief foray into tourism in my own city, it’s back to the normal run of book reviews. I’ve finally managed to grab some reading time as work diminishes for Christmas so be prepared for a few reviews over theĀ  next few days (might skip Sunday …). I’ve also updated my Century of Reading […]

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