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Book review – Miles Leeson (ed.) – “Iris Murdoch: A Centenary Celebration” @IrisMurdoch #IMReadalong


Having finished my Iris Murdoch Readalong in good time, I’ve had time to add in a couple of IM-related books, this being the first. I bought this back in August when the Iris Murdoch Society advertised some books that had been sold at the Centenary Conference (which I’d been unable to attend because of running […]

Book review – Iris Murdoch – “Jackson’s Dilemma” #IMReadalong @IrisMurdoch


Well it’s that time again – for the last time! I can’t believe it’s the end of our readalong of all of Iris Murdoch’s novels in order, started back in November 2017. What a wonderful time it’s been, and I’ve so enjoyed everyone’s comments, especially Peter, Maria and Jo’s who have read and commented on […]

Book review – Iris Murdoch – “The Green Knight” #IMReadalong @IrisMurdoch


It’s time for us to talk about “The Green Knight” – this was always one of my favourites and happily remains one. I bought my paperback copy on 19 Jan 1995, so presumably not long after it came out, and I presume this was my fourth reading of it. Although I felt a bit of […]

Book review – Iris Murdoch – “The Message to the Planet” #IMReadalong @IrisMurdoch


Well, well well – I was worried about getting to this one as it’s traditionally been ‘the one I don’t really like’ but you could knock me down with a feather this time round (the third time of reading at very least; I can’t remember when I read them all before the time before last, […]

Book review – Iris Murdoch – “The Book and the Brotherhood” #IMReadalong @IrisMurdoch


I’ve finally finished this one – the longest of her novels, surely, with my Vintage edition coming in at a round 600 pages. Yes, it’s baggy, and that’s about all the introduction really says, but I do so love this one and thank goodness it didn’t disappoint this time around. This book is notable for […]

Book review – Iris Murdoch – “The Good Apprentice” #IMReadalong @IrisMurdoch


It’s funny what you remember and don’t remember about books you re-read, isn’t it? I’d remembered very clearly Stuart being described as a white grub, and scenes at Seegard, and I recall finding Middge an attractive character (something of which I’m less sure this time round) but I had no memory of most of the […]

Book review – Iris Murdoch – “The Philosopher’s Pupil” #IMReadalong @IrisMurdoch


Well, this was the fifth time at least that I’ve read this book (I recall taking it on holiday to Greece and reading it in the reception area of a Turkish hammam on a day trip while my husband was being pummelled and terrified (he thankfully didn’t end up exploring any bubbling pipework below the […]

Book review – Iris Murdoch – “Nuns and Soldiers” #IMReadalong @IrisMurdoch


It’s been an unexpected and rather disquieting fact that this time around re-reading all of Iris Murdoch’s novels in chronological order, in my mid-to-late-40s (last time I did it was in 2008-10) I’ve discovered that many of the characters who I previously considered as ‘adult’, certainly older than me, have been slipped past and are […]

Book review – Iris Murdoch – “The Sea, The Sea” #IMReadalong @IrisMurdoch


Gosh, it becomes hard sometimes to review these books, so well-known, even Booker Prize winners in this case. The writer of the introduction doesn’t help in this case, having drawn out the thread of the poet Milarepa, mentioned by James Arrowby in his ‘confession’. I am trying to just write about my reactions, the themes, […]

Book review – Iris Murdoch – “Henry and Cato” #IMReadalong @IrisMurdoch


“Henry and Cato” is the later book I remember least, even though I have to have read it at least four times now. I always remember there’s the dodgy character of Beautiful Joe and a rather sulky inheritor, but the details had once again escaped me. Once I’d re-read it, I wasn’t entirely sure what […]

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