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Second book review for Mary Hocking Reading Week – “The Hopeful Traveller”


This last week, it’s been Mary Hocking Reading Week, hosted as usual by Heaven-Ali, Bello Books have been reissuing her novels (read more here), and I have already read and reviewed “A Time of War“, and was pleased to get this one, its sequel, in, read just under the wire, finishing it yesterday, and I […]

Book review for Mary Hocking Reading Week – “A Time of War”


Well, it’s Mary Hocking Reading Week, hosted as usual by Heaven-Ali, and of course this year we have the excitement of the fact that Bello Books have been busy reissuing Hocking’s novels, half in February and out already and half to come in July (read more about that here). I have read a few of […]


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Acquired 17 Aug 2007 – from a pile of books passed to me for BookCrossing by a colleage I enjoyed this somewhat dated tale, published in the 1960s and set in the 1930s, with such shockingly modern and fashionable subjects as contraception, sex before marriage and psychoanalysis. The narrative arc was strongly controlled and the […]

A Year in First Lines


Lots of people have been doing this and so I thought I would, too. The idea is to take the first line of the first blog post of each month and put them all in one post. Because my actual first post of the month is always a State of the TBR one, I’ve included […]

Book review – Winifred Peck – “Bewildering Cares” (Furrowed Middlebrow)


This book was kindly sent to me by the publisher in return for an honest review. Furrowed Middlebrow, based on the blog of the same name, is a new imprint of Dean Street Press, which exists to “rediscover and reissue entertaining and important works by lesser-known British women novelists and memoirists”. Well, we like that […]

State of the TBR April 2016


Well, I’m quite proud of this. Compared to last month, things have definitely moved along! I have read quite a lot in the last month (11 books, in fact, with two Did Not Finishes removing themselves from the shelves, too), and although a couple of those came in during the month and one was for […]

Book review – Honeycomb (Virago) plus an acquisition and exciting re-issue news!


Oh dear – I haven’t done any reviewing for AGES! Today I’m just doing a quick one, but I have FINISHED KEN LIVINGSTONE at last (I note I was reading him at Christmas-time!) and he’ll be up next on the roster.¬† I’m currently reading and very much loving the first volume of Harold Nicolson’s Letters […]

Book review – The Foolish Gentlewoman (Margery Sharp birthday celebration read)


Well, I’m slightly late to the party, and I sincerely apologise for that – I did check with the lovely Jane at Beyond Eden Rock if it was OK to post late, as the book only arrived on Friday, and she said that it was. Jane has been running a Margery Sharp Day read for […]

Book review – Dorothy Whipple – “Greenbanks” (Persephone)

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This was the last Persephone in the little¬† batch I had put aside to read in August and managed to get to; I do love a Whipple and I’m very conscious that I only have this and one more to read “Because of the Lockwoods”), then I think that’s everything she wrote and certainly everything […]

State of the TBR – September 2015


I have to admit to being a bit lazy this month – I pulled out some books into a pile to read on a couple of journeys I’m planning in September, and I couldn’t face putting them back in to make the TBR look like it normally does (it’s late in the evening and I […]

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