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State of the TBR August 2019 #WITmonth #20BooksofSummer @PersephoneBooks @ViragoBooks @ShinyNewBooks


OK so although the TBR is about the same size as it was last month, it has been worse within the month, as I had to turn the end of the front shelf into a pile to fit it all in. I completed eight books in July and one of them is yet to be […]

Book review – Tirzah Garwood – “Long Live Great Bardfield” @PersephoneBooks #amreading #Persephone


The last of my lovely Christmas 2017 books and a fabulous Persephone given to me by Ali (we have a great tradition of exchanging Persephone books and I love going to the shop in the late autumn to do the book-buy). Although I know Eric Ravilious’ work I wasn’t that familiar with all the other […]

Book review – Joanna Cannan – “Princes in the Land” #20BooksOfSummer #Amreading @PersephoneBooks


My last Persephone read in August (I note there is a Persephone Reading Week in October so might be able to slot “Long Live Great Bardfield” in then. I enjoyed the other Joanna Cannan I’ve read, “High Table“, though found it a little dated: although this is set in interwar England, the sentiments and experiences […]

Book review – Diana Tutton – “Guard Your Daughters” (Persephone) @PersephoneBooks #20BooksOfSummer


One of the three lovely Persephone books I have lined up for my 20 Books of Summer challenge, and this has been on my radar for ages, having been championed by the lovely Simon at Stuck In A Book, who reviewed it back in 2012, finally seeing it picked up and republished by Persephone Books […]

Book review – Gladys Huntingdon – “Madame Solario” @PersephoneBooks #20BooksOfSummer #PersephoneBooks #amreading


At last, the final book of my #20BooksOfSummer challenge, and also the last book in All Virago (and Persephone) all August, and yes, I do know it’s after the end of 20Books and after the end of August, but as I explained last time, it couldn’t come to the Iris Murdoch conference with me in […]

Book review – R.C. Sherriff – “Greengates” @PersephoneBooks #20Booksofsummer #amreading


Another fantastic Persephone – I’ve read Sherriff’s wonderful “The Fortnight in September“, unfortunately not in the Persephone edition because I bought it before that came out (a decade ago, I notice), and I was very pleased to open this from Ali on Christmas Day last year. R. C. Sherriff – “Greengates” (25 December 2016 – […]

Book review – Amber Reeves – “A Lady and Her Husband” @PersephoneBooks #20BooksOfSummer #amreading #Persephone


I’m very much enjoying my little whirl of Persephones towards the end of this month – here’s my review of “A Lady and Her Husband” and I’m currently reading “Greengates”, which is proving lovely so far, with “Madame Solario” to go. What treats! I’ve also been buying books again, but I think that’s for a […]

Book review – Dorothy Whipple – “Every Good Deed and Other Stories” (Persephone) plus what happened in Oxfam on Saturday #books #amreading #bookconfessions #20booksofsummer


I’ve started off my #20BooksOfSummer challenge in style … by immediately seizing on a book I was supposed to be saving for All Virago (and Persephone) / All August because I had to read it RIGHT NOW. Oops. But it was good. And I had another oops moment on Saturday. I’d been and volunteered at […]

Book review – London War Notes (Persephone)


Another book finished and this was a really good one. A 2015 Christmas present from fellow book blogger and BookCrosser, Ali, this was a lovely treat and very different to other books I’ve read on the Second World War. I do love Persephone books and have almost half of what they’ve published now – do […]

Book review – “Because of the Lockwoods” (Persephone)


I’ve got a single review today and it’s a bittersweet one, as it’s the last of the Dorothy Whipples published by Persephone, so now I’ve read them all. But I HAVE them all, so I can always re-read them! She’s such a good author, and this was another very involving read with an excellent heroine. […]

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