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Book Review – Willa Cather – “The Professor’s House” #amreading @viragobooks #books


The LibraryThing Virago Group have been choosing an author to read each month, rather than doing a specific challenge, and that’s going really well, as you can dip in and out, pick and choose, grab something by a favourite author. Hooray, May was Willa Cather month. Then, of course, loving Cather, I didn’t have any […]


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Acquired via Freecycle for BookCrossing 03 May 2006 An odd little book about the last days of the Pioneer West, centering around the relationship between an older, attractive lady of rather dubious morals and a young lawyer in town; our eyes are opened to her through his experience of her. One rather icky moment at […]

WILLA CATHER – Death Comes for the Archbishop

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Acquired via BookCrossing 03 Jul 2005 – Uncon swaps table I loved this book. I am so glad I’ve finally read Cather as I looked at her for years but never read. Although I don’t share the priests’ faith, it is a lovely touching story of a long friendship and dedication to their community, and […]

State of the TBR June 2017 plus MORE buys plus an article I’d love you to read #amreading #books


Well, the TBR has ended up about the same size as it was last month, but there’s a big difference in the books that are on it. If you have a look at the May post, that first Persephone was a good seven books in, and the PILE had ten books in it rather than […]

Book review – Mohammad Yunus – “Banker to the Poor” plus my first DNF of the year #amreading #books


Good news first: I have FINALLY managed to post out my competition winners‘ books plus a couple of others I owed fellow book bloggers – look out for something popping through your door soon. Looking at this picture of my TBR from the beginning of May (plus my Pile), everything’s looking very different – watch […]

Book reviews – The Song of the Lark (Virago) and 88 Days in the Mother Lode #books #amreading


Two books today that are set in the American West, partly or fully (Colorado and California) and involve the effect of those places on the artistic careers of the main characters, a fictitious opera singer based on a real one and a writer who was in the middle of changing his name. I’m enjoying alternating […]

Book reviews – The Gods Arrive and Dawn’s Left Hand (Virago) #books #virago


*** Spoiler alert *** If you’re planning to read or in the middle of reading Edith Wharton’s “Hudson River Bracketed”, this post contains a review of its sequel, “The Gods Arrive” which will, of necessity, include spoilers for the earlier book. I’ve reversed the review order so you can read the one of the Dorothy […]

Book reviews – The Bookshop Book and Youth and the Bright Medusa (plus Christmas comes early!)


What HAVE I been doing? It’s 16 December and this is the first book review I’ve posted this month? I’ve looked around and I really can’t find that I’ve missed out reviewing some huge book that I’ve read. Oh dear! And my TBR has burst (more on that later) so I’ve really got to find […]

Book Reviews – Alexander’s Bridge and Cicely Hamilton


I’m back firmly into the world of woman-orientated publishing now, with a Bank Holiday weekend not entirely spent working meaning that I’ve got through a slight hump of non-fiction reading (one reviewed here, one to come) and am progressing well again with All Virago / All August. Today we’ve got two books that I bought […]

Book reviews – Get Ready for Battle and Sapphira and the Slave Girl


April’s reading moves on apace with two more good works of fiction. In the photo of my TBR, I’m now on the last two books before the big blue one, although to be fair, more books have come on board since the picture was taken. I am winning the battle, though, as the front shelf […]

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