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Book review – Susan Alice Kerby – “Miss Carter and the Ifrit” @DeanStPress #ReadIndies


I was lucky enough to received a couple of Dean Street Press Furrowed Middlebrow imprint books for my birthday last year (as well as this year!). I read Miss Read’s “Fresh From the Country” back in March 2020 (I’d received a review copy I read on my Kindle but had requested a print copy from […]

Book review – Stella Gibbons – “A Pink front Door” @DeanStPress


As well as a lovely lot of Margery Sharps (including “Rhododendron Pie”, reviewed here) Dean Street Press have republished a batch of novels by Stella Gibbons in their Furrowed Middlebrow imprint. You can see all the delights that have just come out on the Furrowed Middlebrow blog. And another pretty cover, getting across the nature […]

Book review – Margery Sharp – “Rhododendron Pie” @DeanStPress


I was really excited to find out that Dean Street Press were republishing in their Furrowed Middlebrow imprint Margery Sharp’s first novel, “Rhododendron Pie”, as well as several of her others. While I know people who have read this novel, it was always almost impossible to find, and although it was on my “look out […]

Book reviews – D. E. Stevenson – “Mrs Tim Gets a Job” and “Mrs Tim Flies Home” @DeanStPress


I was so glad when I found out her Dean Street Press are publishing were republishing the last three Mrs Tim of the Regiment books in their Furrowed Middlebrow imprint, as they had been really hard to get hold of, and thrilled to unwrap them in a parcel from my best friend just after Christmas […]

State of the TBR November 2020 plus incomings and the schedule for All Of Anne Tyler next year #AnneTyler2021 @DeanStPress @BL_Publishing #BLWomenWriters


Well, the standard TBR has actually gone down, although not as much as I would have wished. An actual gap, right? “Motherland” is still at the end of the front row. I completed 13 books in October, even though I had a week off at the beginning of the month, which was a little disappointing, […]

Book review – Elizabeth Eliot – “Cecil” @DeanStPress


I’m up to July 2019 in my TBR – another few books and I’ll only be a only a year behind, even if that year is made up of almost two shelf-worths of books – and here’s another Dean Street Press book from their Furrowed Middlebrow imprint, this time passed to me by lovely Ali […]

Book review – Elizabeth Eliot – “Mrs Martell” #20BooksOfSummer20 @DeanStPress


I reached the end of my 2019 birthday books with this one (and then I seem to hop to April and quickly to August – I can’t have bought many books in mid-2019, unlike this year!), another Dean Street Press book from their Furrowed Middlebrow and the other one my best friend Emma gave me […]

Book review – Elizabeth Eliot – “Henry” #20BooksOfSummer20 @DeanStPress


I’m feeling like I’ve fallen behind a bit on my 20BooksOfSummer while reading some marvellous but substantial non-fiction to review for Shiny New Books. I was supposed to be reading the solid Persephone “The Call” for my next read, but chose this slimmer Dean Street Press book as a quicker win (I’m now reading “The […]

Book review – Dorothy Evelyn Smith – “Miss Plum and Miss Penny” @DeanStPress #FurrowedMiddlebrow


Another of the lovely books which will be published by Dean Street Press in their Furrowed Middlebrow imprint in August. This is one from 1956 which has the lovely theme of village life, with its smallnesses but safety, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Here’s a new post from the Furrowed Middlebrow blog about the six […]

Book review – Ruth Adam – “A House in the Country” @DeanStPress #FurrowedMiddlebrow


There are more books being published by Dean Street Press in their Furrowed Middlebrow imprint in August and I’ve been fortunate enough to receive three of them for review in e-book format – thank you, Rupert, once again! I picked up this one as it was the first one I received and I do like […]

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